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I remember using JS to convert the URL parameter to an array method I've written before, results yesterday to interview, there is also the interview topic, and then do not know the head suddenly bad, then unexpectedly did not have minutes to write out, feeling has no face to the folks, now rewrite again, then notes,

The code is as follows:

function GetParam (url= ')
if (url= ')
var url = window.location.href;
var index = Url.indexof ('? ')//Get? Character position
url = url.substr (index+1); Intercept the URL parameter section
var arr = new Array ();
arr = Url.split (' & '); Separating the parameters

var str = ' [{';
Converts a parameter array part to JSON data
for (Var i=0;i<arr.length;i++)
var index1 = arr[i].indexof (' = ');
Determine if the last argument has a value
if (index1 = = 1)
str+= ', "' +arr[i]+ '": "';
var key = Arr[i].substr (0,INDEX1);
var val = arr[i].substr (index1+1);
var str1= ', ';
if (i==0)
str1 = ';
str+=str1+ ' "' +key+ '": ' + ' "' +val+ '";

Return str+ '}] ';

Very simple code, a look at it, if you do not pass in the parameter, then the default get the current page URL parameter to JSON data, if the URL, the incoming URL of the parameter part to JSOM data.

This code to read, not to mention what advanced knowledge, purely just JS arrays, strings, JSON conversion, processing some of the most basic functions; Other interviewers are also looking at basic skills

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