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The code is as follows

function GetCookie (c_name) {
if (document.cookie.length>0) {///First query whether the cookie is empty, return ""
C_start=document.cookie.indexof (c_name + "=")//through the String object's IndexOf ()

Check to see if this cookie exists, it does not exist-1
if (c_start!=-1) {
C_start=c_start + c_name.length+1//finally this +1 actually means "=" number, so

Gets the starting position of the cookie value
C_end=document.cookie.indexof (";", C_start)//Actually I just saw IndexOf () the second

parameter is suddenly a bit dizzy, then remembered to indicate the location of the specified start index ... This sentence is to get the end position of the value. Because

Need to consider whether it is the last item, so pass ";" Whether the number exists to judge
if (c_end==-1) c_end=document.cookie.length
Return unescape (document.cookie.substring (c_start,c_end))/Through

SUBSTRING () Gets the value. To understand Unescape () is to know what escape () is to do, is a very important basis, want to understand

Can be searched below, at the end of the article will also be explained cookie coding details
Return ""

function Setcookie (c_name, value, Expiredays) {
var exdate=new Date ();
Exdate.setdate (exdate.getdate () + expiredays);
Document.cookie=c_name+ "=" + Escape (value) + "path=/;d omain=45it.net" +

((expiredays==null)? "": "; expires=" +exdate.togmtstring ());

function SC (days)
Setcookie (' ashow ', ' a ', days);
document.getElementById (' ad '). style.display= ' None ';

Function GC ()
if (GetCookie (' ashow ') ==1)
Alert (GetCookie (' ashow '));
document.getElementById (' ad '). style.display= ' None ';


<div id= "AD" >fdsafdsafdsafsda</div>
GC ();
<a href= "#" onclick= "JAVASCRIPT:SC (1);" > Set Cookie Value </a>
<a href= "#" onclick= "JAVASCRIPT:GC ();" > Get Cookie value </a>
<a href= "#" onclick= "JAVASCRIPT:SC (-1);" > Clear Cookie Value </a>

Summary of calling Cookies yourself

Path= this if you don't have the settings then your cookie can only be applied to the current directory, such as

http://www.3lian.net/php/phper.html if we get it on other pages like http://www.3lian.net/sj/

Not to this directory cookie value

Set method

path=/can be.

Domain= this is to set the domain name, such as we set the www.3lian.net domain name, not set we can only in this domain name, then

The level two domain name is unable to read the cookie value.

Set up


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