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JS is more difficult than the HTML and CSS, difficult is not a level, the biggest difference is: JS is logical.

For example, to take a value, he asks you to separate the location of the parent element, child element, sibling element, and the location of the label with the same name ... such as Need to pay attention to too many things, and see a little bit is not allowed, he has very strict rules, unlike HTML, you write less, he will give you complete so "intimate."

JS In addition to pay attention to the position of elements, but also pay attention to the order of statements, but this is still easy to evade.


Although JS has a lot of difficulties, a lot of knowledge points, these knowledge points are not our small white can easily back down, but, fortunately there are manuals. When you need to use the function, the method, as long as you know what you need to do, basically can look at the manual to find the appropriate method, the manual is also very detailed introduction.

So I think JS the biggest difficulty is not in the application of those methods, but logic, this thing in addition to practice, but also really need the mind.

JS Course ends

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