JS Design Province, city, county linkage

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Recently with JS wrote a section of the provincial and county linkage set, first pass up, the latter will continue to optimize

As follows:

1<! DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 transitional//en" "Http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd ">234<meta http-equiv= "Content-type" content= "text/html; Charset=utf-8 "/>5<title>dom Homework </title>67<!--used to demonstrate the linkage of cities and counties8<body>9<select name= "" id= "Pro" ></select>Ten<select name= "" id= "City" ></select> One<select name= "" Id= "County" ></select> A<script type= "Text/javascript" > -(function(Win) { -Win.onload=function(){ the                  -                 varHgcity={name: "Huanggang", children:["Qichun area", "Wuxue area", "Stream area"]}; -                 varWhcity={name: "Wuhan", children:["Hankou area", "Wuchang District", "Hanyang District"]}; -                 varhbarray=[]; + Hbarray.push (whcity,hgcity); -                 varHbpro={name: "Hubei Province", Children:hbarray}; +                  A                 varSzcity={name: "Shenzhen", children:["Nanshan District", "Luohu District", "Yantian District"]}; at                 varDgcity={name: "Dongguan", children:["Fenggang County", "Guancheng County", "Changping County"]}; -                 vargdarray=[]; - Gdarray.push (szcity,dgcity); -                 varGdpro={name: "Guangdong Province", Children:gdarray}; -                  -                 varZjcity={name: "Zhenjiang", children:["Jingkou District", "Dantu zone", "New Town"]}; in                 varNjcity={name: "Nanjing", children:["Qixia District", "Jiangning District", "Chengbei District"]}; -                 varjsarray=[]; to Jsarray.push (zjcity,njcity); +                 varJspro={name: "Jiangsu Province", Children:jsarray}; -                  the                 //define an array of provinces and counties *                 varchinaarray=[]; $ Chinaarray.push (Hbpro,gdpro,jspro);Panax Notoginseng         -                 //get DOM objects at all levels of the city and county the                 varProdom = document.getElementById ("Pro"); +                 varCitydom =document.getelementbyid ("City"); A                 varCountydom=document.getelementbyid ("County"); the                              +                 //Initialize province - adddddress (chinaarray,prodom); $                 //Initialize City $ Pro (); -                 //Initialize County/district - cit ();  theProdom.onchange=Pro; -                 //ProvinceWuyi                 functionPro () { the                     //clear the city option first -Citydom.innerhtml= ""; Wu                     //gets the value of the province when the identity option is changed -                     varnum =Prodom.value; About                     //City of the selected province $                     varcityarray=Chinaarray[num].children; - adddddress (cityarray,citydom); -                     //Linkage County - cit (); A                 }; +                 //automatically populate county/district according to the trigger event of the city option theCitydom.onchange=cit; -                 //City $                 functioncit () { the                     //empty the last value for each change theCountydom.innerhtml= ""; the                     //when the city is changed, automatically obtain the corresponding province, the value of the city the                     varNUM1 =Prodom.value; -                     varnum2 =Citydom.value; in                     //selected city-corresponding county, district the                     varCountyarray =Chinaarray[num1].children[num2].children; the adddddress (countyarray,countydom); About                 }; the             }; the              //County the             functionadddddress (adrarray,dom) { +                  for(vari=0,len=adrarray.length;i<len;i++){ -                     varOpt=document.createelement ("option"); the                     if(adrarray[i].name) {BayiOpt.innerhtml=Adrarray[i].name; the}Else{ theOpt.innerhtml=Adrarray[i]; -                     } -Opt.value=i; the Dom.appendchild (opt); the                 } the             } the }) (window) -           the</script> the</body> the

JS Design Province, city, county linkage

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