Js drag prototype declaration and usage summary, js drag prototype Declaration

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Js drag prototype declaration and usage summary, js drag prototype Declaration

The following is a self-written prototype declaration about js Drag and Drop: the code is as follows:


1. Point this to who it actually points to-find out the object it refers

2. Use of the call () method

3. What is the difference between assigning a parent prototype to a child level directly and assigning it to a child level using?

For example:

For (var I in Drag. prototype) {LimitDrag. prototype [I] = Drag. prototype [I]; ---------- THE CHILD level is changed and its parent level is not affected} LimitDrag. prototype = Drag. prototype; --------- directly assigning the prototype to the sub-level will cause the parent level to change when the sub-level changes.

The Code is as follows:


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