JS error code explanation

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JS Error Code Explanation

Error during JScript running
A JScript running error occurs when the JScript tries to execute an action that cannot be run by the system. When a JScript runtime error occurs when the script is running, the variable expression is calculated, or the memory is dynamically allocated.

Error Code Description
The length of an array of 5029 must be a finite positive integer.
5030 the length of the array must be assigned a finite positive number.
5028 array or arguments object
5010 Boolean
5003 you cannot assign values to function return values.
5000 you cannot assign a value to 'eas '.
5006 date object required
5015 need enumerator object
5022 exception thrown, but cannot catch
5020 ")" is missing in the Regular Expression
5019 "]" is missing in the Regular Expression
5023 the function does not have a valid prototype object
5002 function objects required
5008 invalid value assignment
5021 invalid Character Set Range
5014 JScript object required
5001 number type required
5007 object type required
5012 members of the object
5016 Regular Expression objects
5005 string required
5017 the regular expression syntax is incorrect.
5026 decimal digits out of bounds
5027 accuracy out of bounds
5025 the URI code to be decoded is invalid.
5024 the URI to be decoded contains invalid characters
5009 undefined identifier
5018 unanticipated qualifier
5013 vbarray required


JScript syntax error
A JScript syntax error occurs when a JScript statement violates one or more syntax rules of the JScript Language. JScript syntax error occurs inProgramCompile the program before running the program.

Error Code Description
1019 there cannot be "break" outside the loop"
1020 "continue" is not allowed out of the loop"
1030 Conditional compilation disabled
1027 one "Switch" statement can have only one "default"
1005 "(" Required
1006 ")" Required
1012 "/" Required
1003 ":" is required
1004 ";"
1032 @
1029 @ end is required"
1007 "]" Required
1008 "{" Required
1009 "}" Required
1011 "=" Required"
1033 "catch" is required"
1031 requires constant
1023 hexadecimal number required
1010 identifier required
1028 identifier, string, or number required
1024 "while" is required"
1014 invalid characters
1026 no tag found
1025 duplicate tag Definitions
1018 the function has a 'return 'statement.
1002 syntax error
1035 "throw" must be followed by an expression and be in the sameSource codeRows
1016 comments not ended
1015 String constant not ended

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