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A few years ago, it was difficult to find a suitable color selector. Just see a lot of good JavaScript color selector plug-ins, so put these compilation summary. In this article, web designers and developers Kevin Liew selected 11 corresponding plug-ins, some will be more complex, others relatively simple, I believe there should be suitable for you.

1. Excolor

Excolor is a photoshop-style jquery color pickup plug-in that is very customizable and produces color pickers of various styles and effects through parameter settings. It can be attached to any input box, by simply invoking a single line of functions.

2. Jscolor

Jscolor is a simple, easy-to-use JavaScript library that converts any given input box into a color picker. The selector is a hidden layer that does not use any pop-up windows and can appear at either end of the input box.

3. Advanced Javascript ColorPicker

ColorPicker is a highly customizable advanced JavaScript color picker that does not rely on any JS framework. It can display the entire palette in 6 different color modes (~16.78 mil. color).

4. farbtastic

Farbtastic is a jquery color pickup plugin that makes it very easy to add a color selector to a Web page. The Color picker links to an existing element on the Web page (for example, a text box) and updates the element value when a color is selected.

5. Javascript Color Picker

The JavaScript color picker has HSB and RGB two modes, using color prototypes to be compatible with all major browsers.

6. Moorainbox

Moorainbox is an easy-to-integrate JavaScript color picker created from the MooTools framework. The picker can connect to an element in any DOM, where a click event is generated. By simply clicking on it, you can show or hide the Moorainbow.

7. ColorPicker

A simple component that lets you choose colors like Adobe Photoshop.

8. Jpicker

Jpicker is a fast, lightweight jquery plugin that allows you to include an advanced color picker in your Web project. It comes from the Joh Dyer selector, which is improved using the prototype framework.

9. Simplecolor

Jquerysimplecolor is a very simple color picker plugin that selects colors from a square of squares.

Really Simple Color picker

A color picker with a preset palette, simple and straightforward.


Flexi is a lightweight color picker (only 4.3KB), which is written in JavaScript without using any images (due to svg/vml) or CSS. Flexi is a standalone script that does not require any JavaScript frames and can be set to a selected color of 16, HSV, or RGB format.

Other Address: http://www.open-lib.com/Type/170-1.jsp

Reprinted from: http://blog.jobbole.com/9476/

JS Color Picker

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