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  This article is mainly on the JS Countdown Clock sample code is introduced, the need for friends can come to the reference, I hope to help you.

As follows: The code is: <!--add the following code to the HTML <Body></Body>-->   <script language=javascript1.2> function Setcountdown (theyear,themonth,theday) {yr=theyear;mo=themonth;da=theday} setcountdown (2008,7,12) var Occasion= "2008 Beijing Olympic Games" var message_on_occasion= "The long-awaited moment has finally arrived!" var countdownwidth= ' 480px ' var countdownheight= ' 20px ' var countdownbgcolor= ' Tan ' var opentags= ' <font face= ' song body ' ><small> ' var closetags= ' </small></font > ' var montharray=new Array ("The", "Feb", "Mar", "APR", "may", "June", "may", "Aug", "Sep", "Oct", "Nov", "Dec") var Crosscount= ' function Start_countdown () {if (document.layers) document.countdownnsmain.visibility= "show" Else if ( document.all| | document.getElementById) Crosscount=document.getelementbyid&&!document.all?document.getelementbyid (" Countdownie "): Countdownie Countdown ()}   if (document.all| | document.getElementById) document.write (' <span id= "Countdownie" style= "width: ' +countdownwidth+ '; Background-color: ' +countdownbgcolor+ ' ></span> ')   Window.onload=start_countdown     function countdown () {var today=new Date () var Todayy=today.getyear () if (Todayy < 1000) todayy+=1900 var todaym=today.getmonth () var todayd=today.getdate () var toda Yh=today.gethours () var todaymin=today.getminutes () var todaysec=today.getseconds () var todaystring=montharray[ todaym]+ "+todayd+", "+todayy+" "+todayh+": "+todaymin+": "+todaysec futurestring=montharray[mo-1]+" "+da+", "+yr dd= Date.parse (futurestring)-date.parse (todaystring) Dday=math.floor (dd/(60*60*1000*24) *1) Dhour=Math.floor (dd% (60* 60*1000*24))/(60*60*1000) *1) Dmin=math.floor ((dd%, 60*60*1000*24)% (60*60*1000))/(60*1000) *1) Dsec=math.floor (( (dd% (60*60*1000*24))% ( 60*60*1000)% (60*1000))/1000*1) if (dday<=0&&dhour<=0&&dmin<=0&&dsec<=1& &todayd==da) {if (document.layers) {Document.countdownnsmain.document.countdownnssub.document.write (opentags+ Message_on_occasion+closetags) Document.countdownnsmain.documEnt.countdownnssub.document.close ()} else if (document.all| | document.getElementById) Crosscount.innerhtml=opentags+message_on_occasion+closetags return} else if (dday<=-1) { if (document.layers) {document.countdownnsmain.document.countdownnssub.document.write (opentags+ "Time has passed!") +closetags) Document.countdownnsmain.document.countdownnssub.document.close ()} else if (document.all| | document.getElementById) crosscount.innerhtml=opentags+ "Occasion already passed! "+closetags return} else{if (document.layers) {Document.countdownnsmain.document.countdownnssub.document.write ( Opentags+dday+ "Days," +dhour+ "hours," +dmin+ "minutes, and" +dsec+ "seconds left until" +occasion+closetags) document.c Ountdownnsmain.document.countdownnssub.document.close ()} else if (document.all| | document.getElementById) crosscount.innerhtml=opentags+ "+dday+" Days, "+dhour+" hours, "+dmin+" points, "+dsec+" Seconds is "+occasion" +closetags} settimeout ("Countdown ()", 1000)} </SCRIPT> <script type= "Text/javascript"Src= "" ></SCRIPT> <script language= "JavaScript" > <!--  baiduwritead ("Zouwenyedg", "3"); -->  </SCRIPT>     <ilayer id=countdownnsmain visibility= "Hide" bgcolor= "&{ Countdownbgcolor}; "   height= "&{countdownheight};" width= "&{countdownwidth};" ><LAYER  id=countdownnssub height= "&{countdownheight};"   width= "&{countdownwidth};" top= "0" left= "0" ></LAYER></ILAYER>    
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