JS implementation to delete records when the prompt effect

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  Delete records when the prompt effect, quite human, the implementation of a lot of ways, in this article for you to introduce the use of JS is how to achieve the

The style     code is as follows: <style type= "Text/css" >  body{font-size:13px} . divshow{line-height:32px; Height:32px;background-color: #eee;width:280px;padding-left:10px} . divshow span{padding-left:50px} . Dialog{width:360px;border:solid 5px #666;p osition:absolute;display:none;z-index:101} . Dialog title{ Background-color: #fbaf15;p adding:10px;color: #fff;font-weight:bold} . dialog. Title img{float:right} . dialog. Content{background-color: #fff;p adding:25px;height:60px} . dialog. Content img{float:left} . dialog. Content span{float:left;padding-top:10px;padding-left:10px} . dialog. bottom{text-align:right;padding : 10px 10px 10px 0px;background-color: #eee}  Mask {width:100%;height:100% background-color: #000;p osition: absolute;  Top:0px;left:0px;filter:alpha (opacity=30);d isplay:none;z-index:100} . btn {border: #666 1px solid;padding:2px;width:65px;  filter:progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.Gradient (gradienttype=0, StartcolorstR= #ffffff, endcolorstr= #ECE9D8);}     </style>    jquery    code as follows: <script type= "Text/javascript" >  $ ( function () {  $ ("#Button1"). Click (function () {//Register Delete button click event   $ (". Mask"). Show ();//display background color   showdialog (); Sets the top and left  $ (". Dialog") of the prompt dialog box. Show (); Display prompt dialog box  })  /*  * Set the top and left  */  function ShowDialog () {  var objw of the prompt dialog box based on the current page and scroll bar position $ (window); Current Window   var OBJC = $ (". Dialog"); dialog box   var brsw = objw.width ();  var brsh = objw.height ();  var scll = objw.scrollleft ();  var sclt = Objw.scrolltop ();  var curw = objc.width ();  var curh = objc.height (); //Calculate the left margin of the center of the dialog box   var ieft = SCL L + (BRSW-CURW)/2; //The top margin for the center of the calculation dialog box   the var upper = sclt + (BRSH-CURH)/2; //Settings dialog box in the page position   OBJC.CSS ( {' Left ': Left, ' top ': top} ';  }      $ (window). Resize (function () {//Page window size Change event   if (!$ (". Dialog"). Is (": visible")) {  Return; }  ShowDialog (); Set top and left });      $ (". Title img") in the Prompt dialog box. Click (function () {//register to close Picture Click event   $ (". Dialog"). Hide ();  $ (". Mask"). Hide (); })       $ ("#Button3"). Click (function () {//Register Cancel button click event   $ (". Dialog "). Hide ();  $ (". Mask "). Hide (); })       $ (" #Button2 "). Click (function () {//Register OK button click event   $ (". Dialog"). Hide ();  $ (". Mask"). Hide ();  if ($ ("input:checked"). Length!= 0) {//If delete Row   $ (". Divshow "). Remove (); Delete a row of data  } })  })   </script>    html    code as follows: <div class= "Divshow" >  <input id= "Checkbox1" type= checkbox/>  <a href= "#" > This is a record that can be deleted </a>  <span >  <input id= "Button1" type= "button" value= "delete" class= "btn"/>  </span>  </div>   <div class= "Mask" ></div>  <div class= "dialog" >  <div class= "title" >  <img src= "images/cLose.gif "alt=" click to close "/> Delete prompt   </div>  <div class=" content ">  <img src=" images/ Delete.jpg "alt=" "/><span> you really want to delete this record? </span>  </div>  <div class= "Bottom" >  <input id= "Button2" button "type=" OK "class=" btn "/>    <input id=" Button3 "type=" button "value=" Cancel "class=" BTN "/>  </div>& nbsp </div> 
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