JS Learning Summary----URL and HTTP Basics

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URI = Url+urn Uniform Resource Identifier (Unified resource information)

URL: Uniform Resource Locator


http: Transport protocol-Client to server-side content and server-side delivery to the client's content is transmitted through the HTTP transport protocol (we can interpret HTTP as Courier brother)

V.qq.com: Domain Name

80: Port number

Index.html: Request resource file name, tell the server who I need to request resource files

? Name=zhangsan&age=7:url question mark to the server-side content (the client can pass some values to the server side, and the server can still pass some content to the client)

#bbs: Hash of URL (anchor location)

Transport protocol:

HTTP: Hypertext Transfer Protocol, in addition to the transmission of text can also transfer other things, such as: XML, etc.

HTTPS: More Secure HTTP

FTP: File Transfer Protocol (applied to transfer project source files to the server)

Without specifying a server port, each protocol will have a default address for the port to be found

HTTP defaults to port 80 for server

HTTPS defaults to 443 port for server

FTP will find the server's port 21 by default

URN: Uniform Resource Name

JS Learning summarizes the basics of----URLs and HTTP

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