JS Performance optimization

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  • Variable Lookup optimization
    • Variable declaration with Var
    • Use global variables with caution
    • Cache-Reused Global variables
    • Avoid using with
  • Core syntax optimization
    • Defined by the prototype optimization method
    • Avoid closure traps
    • Avoid using property access methods
    • Avoid the use of try-catch in loops
    • Use for instead of for...in ... Iterating through an array
    • Use the original operation instead of the method call
    • Delivery methods Replace method strings
  • Script Load Optimization
    • Using tools to streamline scripts
    • Enable gzip compression
    • Set Cache-control and Expires headers
    • Asynchronous Load Script
  • Dom Operation optimization
    • Reduce the number of DOM elements
    • Optimizing CSS Style transformations
    • Optimize node Additions
    • Optimizing node Modifications
    • Reduce the use of element position operations
    • Avoid traversing a large number of elements
  • Event optimization
    • Using the event Proxy
  • Animation optimization
    • Set the animation element to absolute or fixed
    • Use a timer to animate multiple elements

JS Performance optimization

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