JS String function: Finishing several important JS string processing functions and their applications

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Function: Split ()
Function: To store a string partition into an array using a specified delimiter
Str= "Jpgbmpgificopng";
Arr=thestring.split ("");
Arr is an array that contains the character values "JPG", "BMP", "GIF", "ico", and "PNG"
Functions: Join ()
Function: Merges an array into a string using the separator of your choice
var delimitedstring=myarray.join (delimiter);
var mylist=new array ("JPG", "BMP", "GIF", "ico", "PNG");
var portablelist=mylist.join ("");
The result is jpgbmpgificopng.
Function: substring ()
Function: string interception, for example, to get "Minidx" from "minidxsearchengine" to use SUBSTRING (0,6)
Function: indexof ()
Function: Returns the subscript of the first character in a string that matches a substring
var mystring= "JavaScript";
var x=mystring.indexof ("S"); X would be 4
var y=mystring.indexof ("script"); Y would also be 4 this article links http://www.cxybl.com/html/wyzz/JavaScript_Ajax/20120708/31788.html

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