JS time and time stamp conversion

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One: Time-to-timestamp: JavaScript obtains timestamps in four ways, all by instantiating the time object new Date () to further obtain the current timestamp

1.var TIMESTAMP1 = date.parse (New Date ()); Results: 1477808630000 This method is not recommended and the millisecond level value is converted to 000

Console.log (TIMESTAMP1);

2.var timestamp2 = (new Date ()). ValueOf (); Results: 1477808630404 valueOf() Accurate timestamp values are obtained by returning the original value of the specified object through the function

Console.log (TIMESTAMP2);

3.var Timestamp3 = new Date (). GetTime (); Results: 1477808630404, the millisecond value of the current time is obtained directly by the prototype method, and the accurate

Console.log (Timestamp3);

4.var timetamp4 = number (new Date ());// results: 1477808630404, converts the time to a numeric value of type A, i.e. timestamp

Console.log (Timetamp4);

The printing results are as follows:

Second, time stamp turn time

var timestamp4 = new Date (1472048779952); //Convert to current time directly with new Date (timestamp) format

Console.log (Timestamp4);

Console.log (Timestamp4.tolocaledatestring (). Replace (/\//g, "-") + "" + timestamp4.totimestring (). substr (0, 8)); Re-use splicing regularization and other means to convert to YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS format

The effect is as follows:

However, this conversion in some browsers will have undesirable effect, because the tolocaledatestring () method is different from the browser, such as IE for August 24, 2016 22:26:19 format Sogou for Wednesday, August 24, 22:39:42

It can be spliced by the date of each acquisition time, for example:

function getdate () {            var now = new Date (),                y = now.getfullyear (),                m = now.getmonth () + 1,                d = now.getdate ( );            Return y + "-" + (M < 10?) "0" + m:m + "-" + (D < 10?) "0" + d:d) + "" + now.totimestring (). substr (0, 8);        }

-Reprinted from Http://www.cnblogs.com/lmyt/p/6013097.html

JS time and time stamp conversion

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