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Originally advertising money is not as good as the previous few years to do, and now most browsers have intercepted ads, many browsers or the default interception ads, webmaster is not generally hard ah! At present, the majority of small and medium-sized webmaster income or by advertising, advertising interception, the natural income will be greatly reduced.

At present, most of the browser's advertising blocking rules are ads blacklist + some advertising word matching, such as Baidu Alliance, Sogou Alliance, Google Alliance, even in the blacklist, the general advertising filter will filter out these Ads Alliance code. The rest is the advertising word matching, such as JS address contains ads.php, ad.js or even gg.js are likely to be filtered, 360 browser will even contain ad.gif, 960x90.jpg with advertising words of the image address will be shielded. If we put our own customized ads on our own, we must try to avoid these advertising words.

Facing the advertisement is intercepted, lets the browser put your website to add the white list, impossible! Let the browser cancel the ad interception function is more impractical. We can only be as far as possible to reduce the loss, the following fire-end network to write a JS to determine whether the Web page Ads browser blocking the filter code, after using a variety of browser testing, basically can accurately judge. This allows us to judge and then prompt the user to turn off the ad interception function, or to replace the original ad with a custom ad, or to make a hard point of direct access to the user (not recommended).

The judgment code is as follows:

1 2 3 4 <script src= "Http://demo.jb51.net/js/2015/adview_pic_cpc_cpm_cpa_guanggao_gg_ads_300x250.js" type= "text/ JavaScript "></script> <script type=" Text/javascript "> if (typeof (killads) = = ' undefined ') {alert (' Advertising is filtered ');} </script>

In fact, the content of this JS file is a function judgment statement

var killads = true;

The adview_pic_cpc_cpm_cpa_guanggao_gg_ads_300x250.js can be downloaded, but please do not change the filename.

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