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This article illustrates the way JS uses Ajax to dynamically obtain data display from XML files. Share to everyone for your reference. The specific analysis is as follows:

The following JS code through AJAX to retrieve the content of XML files dynamically displayed to the Web page, the entire page without refreshing

<! DOCTYPE html>  

The contents of the XML file are as follows

<CATALOG> <CD> <title>empire burlesque</title> <artist>bob dylan</artist> < country>usa</country> <COMPANY>Columbia</COMPANY> <PRICE>10.90</PRICE> <year >1985</YEAR> </CD> <CD> <title>hide your heart</title> <artist>bonnie Tyler </ARTIST> <COUNTRY>UK</COUNTRY> <company>cbs records</company> <PRICE>9.90< /price> <YEAR>1988</YEAR> </CD> <CD> <title>greatest hits</title> <artist >dolly parton</artist> <COUNTRY>USA</COUNTRY> <COMPANY>RCA</COMPANY> <price >9.90</PRICE> <YEAR>1982</YEAR> </CD> <CD> <title>still got the blues</ title> <artist>gary moore</artist> <COUNTRY>UK</COUNTRY> <company>virgin Records </COMPANY> <PRICE>10.20</PRICE> <YEAR>1990</YEAR> </CD> &Lt cd> <TITLE>Eros</TITLE> <artist>eros ramazzotti</artist> <country>eu</country
> <COMPANY>BMG</COMPANY> <PRICE>9.90</PRICE> <YEAR>1997</YEAR> </CD> <CD> <title>one night only</title> <artist>bee gees</artist> <country>uk</
country> <COMPANY>Polydor</COMPANY> <PRICE>10.90</PRICE> <YEAR>1998</YEAR> </CD> <CD> <title>sylvias mother</title> <ARTIST>Dr.Hook</ARTIST> <country >UK</COUNTRY> <COMPANY>CBS</COMPANY> <PRICE>8.10</PRICE> <year>1973</ year> </CD> <CD> <title>maggie may</title> <artist>rod stewart</artist> < country>uk</country> <COMPANY>Pickwick</COMPANY> <PRICE>8.50</PRICE> <year >1990</YEAR> </CD> <CD> <TITLE>Romanza</TITLE> <ARTIST>Andrea bocelli</artist> <COUNTRY>EU</COUNTRY> <COMPANY>Polydor</COMPANY> <price >10.80</PRICE> <YEAR>1996</YEAR> </CD> <CD> <title>when A Man Loves a woman</ title> <artist>percy sledge</artist> <COUNTRY>USA</COUNTRY> <COMPANY>Atlantic< /company> <PRICE>8.70</PRICE> <YEAR>1987</YEAR> </CD> <CD> <TITLE> Black angel</title> <artist>savage rose</artist> <COUNTRY>EU</COUNTRY> <company >Mega</COMPANY> <PRICE>10.90</PRICE> <YEAR>1995</YEAR> </CD> <CD> <
title>1999 Grammy nominees</title> <ARTIST>Many</ARTIST> <COUNTRY>USA</COUNTRY>
<COMPANY>Grammy</COMPANY> <PRICE>10.20</PRICE> <YEAR>1999</YEAR> </CD> <CD> <title>for The good times</title> <artist>kenny Rogers</artist> <COUNTRY>UK</COUNTRY> <company>mucik master</company> <price>8.70</price > <YEAR>1995</YEAR> </CD> <CD> <title>big Willie style</title> <ARTIST> Would smith</artist> <COUNTRY>USA</COUNTRY> <COMPANY>Columbia</COMPANY> <PRICE> 9.90</price> <YEAR>1997</YEAR> </CD> <CD> <title>tupelo honey</title> <
Artist>van morrison</artist> <COUNTRY>UK</COUNTRY> <COMPANY>Polydor</COMPANY> <PRICE>8.20</PRICE> <YEAR>1971</YEAR> </CD> <CD> <title>soulsville</ title> <artist>jorn hoel</artist> <COUNTRY>Norway</COUNTRY> <company>wea</ company> <PRICE>7.90</PRICE> <YEAR>1996</YEAR> </CD> <CD> <title>the Very best of</title> <artist>cat stevens</artist> <country>uk</country> <COMPANY>Island</COMPANY> <PRICE>8.90</PRICE> <YEAR>1990</YEAR> </ cd> <CD> <TITLE>Stop</TITLE> <artist>sam brown</artist> <country>uk</
Country> <company>a and m</company> <PRICE>8.90</PRICE> <YEAR>1988</YEAR> </CD> <CD> <title>bridge of spies</title> <artist>t ' pau</artist> <COUNTRY> uk</country> <COMPANY>Siren</COMPANY> <PRICE>7.90</PRICE> <year>1987</year > </CD> <CD> <title>private dancer</title> <artist>tina turner</artist> < country>uk</country> <COMPANY>Capitol</COMPANY> <PRICE>8.90</PRICE> <YEAR> 1983</year> </CD> <CD> <title>midt om natten</title> <artist>kim larsen</ artist> <COUNTRY>EU</COUNTRY> <COMPANY>Medley</COMPANY> <price>7.80</price> <YEAR>1983</YEAR> </CD> <CD> <title>pavarotti Gala concert</ title> <artist>luciano pavarotti</artist> <COUNTRY>UK</COUNTRY> <company>decca </COMPANY> <PRICE>9.90</PRICE> <YEAR>1991</YEAR> </CD> <CD> <TITLE> The dock of the bay</title> <artist>otis redding</artist> <COUNTRY>USA</COUNTRY> < company>atlantic</company> <PRICE>7.90</PRICE> <YEAR>1987</YEAR> </CD> < cd> <title>picture book</title> <artist>simply red</artist> <COUNTRY>EU</
country> <COMPANY>Elektra</COMPANY> <PRICE>7.20</PRICE> <YEAR>1985</YEAR> </CD> <CD> <TITLE>Red</TITLE> <artist>the communards</artist> <country>uk </COUNTRY> <COMPANY>London</COMPANY> <PRICE>7.80</PRICE> <year>1987</year> </CD> <CD> <title>unchain my heart</title> <artist>joe Cocker </ARTIST> <COUNTRY>USA</COUNTRY> <COMPANY>EMI</COMPANY> <price>8.20</price > <YEAR>1987</YEAR> </CD> </CATALOG>


wants this article to help you with your JavaScript programming.

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