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<title> Vertical Telescopic menu from Baidu-www.jb51.net</title> <div class= "menu" id= "Menucontainer" > <p nodeid= " 390 "> Novice starter </p> <div id=" submenu_390 "> <p> about Baidu Search promotion </p> <p> account registration </p> <p> Quick Start </p> </div> <p nodeid= "397" > Promotional production </p> <div id= "submenu_397" > <p> set Match Way </ p> <p> Creative </p> <p> settings url</p> </div> <p nodeid= "436" > Promotion launch </p> <div Id= "submenu_436" > <p> click Filter </p> <p> quality </p> <p> keyword matching </p> <p> creative presentation Way </p > </div> <p nodeid= "506" > Effect evaluation </p> <div id= "submenu_506" > <p> promotion Effect </p> <p > Baidu bridge</p> </div> <p nodeid= "515" > Continuous optimization </p> <div id= "submenu_515" > <p> site Excellent </p> </div> <p nodeid= "520" > Value-added products </p> <div id= "submenu_520" > <p> Baidu Promotion Assistant &LT;/P&G T <p> Marketing Center </p> </div> <p class= "expand" nodeid= "3936" > Focus </p> <div id= "submenu_3936" > <p> Promotion topic </p> &L t;/div> </div> <script type= "Text/javascript" > var menu_id= "Menucontainer"; var menu_link_prefix= "./? Module=default&controller=index&action=node&nodeid= "; var sub_item_height=27;function G (A) {return document.getElementById (A)}var menuonshow;function initmenu () {try{if (window). Activexobject&&!window.isopera) {Document.execcommand ("Backgroundimagecache", False,true)}}catch (F) {}var C=g (menu_id). getElementsByTagName ("H4"); for (Var d=0,b=c.length;d<b;d++) {var e=c[d];if (e.classname!= ' current ') {e.onclick=menuclickhandler}if (e.classname== "expand") {var a=getmenucontainer (E); if (A.getelementsbytagname ("P"). length>0) {menuonshow=e; A.style.display= ""}}}}function Getmenucontainer (B) {var a=b.nextsibling;while (a.nodetype!=1) {A=A.nextSibling} Return a}function Menuclickhandler (I) {if (isontweening) {return}var d=getmenucontainer (this); var C=d.geteleMentsbytagname ("P"). Length;if (c<=0) {Top.location=menu_link_prefix+this.getattribute ("Nodeid"); return}if ( This!=menuonshow) {var b;var e=g (menu_id). getElementsByTagName ("H4"); for (Var f=0,a=e.length; f<a; f++) {var h=e[f];if (h.classname== "expand" &&getmenucontainer (H). getElementsByTagName ("P"). length>0) {B= H;break}}menuonshow=this;if (B) {queue.add (showsubmenu,this)}else{queue.add (showsubmenu,this)}}else{Queue.add ( Hidesubmenu,this); Menuonshow=null}queue.trigrun ()}function Showsubmenu (C) {var b=c.nextsibling;while (B.nodeType!= 1) {b=b.nextsibling}if (b.style.display!= "None") {return}var a=b.getelementsbytagname ("P"). Length;var d=a*sub_item_ HEIGHT; C.classname= "expand"; Tween (b,0,d)}function Hidesubmenu (B) {var a=b.nextsibling;while (a.nodetype!=1) {a= A.nextsibling}if (a.style.display== "None") {return}var c=a.offsetheight; B.classname= ""; Tween (a,c,0)}var queue={list:[],add:function (a,b) {Queue.list.push ({fn:a,tar:b})},trigrun: function () {var a=queue.list.shift (); if (A) {Ontweenfinished=queue.triGrun; A.fn (A.tar)}}};var Tweencurrentstep,tweenel,tweenbegin,tweenend,tweenoffset,tweeninterval;var tweenStep=5, Isontweening=0;var ontweenfinished;function Tween (c,b,a) {if (isontweening) {return}tweenel=c;tweenbegin=b;tweenend =a;tweenoffset=a-b;tweencurrentstep=0;tweenel.style.display= ""; tweenel.style.height=tweenbegin+ "px"; Isontweening=1;tweeninterval=setinterval (ontweenstep,10)}function ontweenstep () {tweencurrentstep++;if (tweenStep <=tweencurrentstep) {aftertween (); return}var A=math.floor (Tweenoffset*easeout (tweencurrentstep,tweenstep)); tweenel.style.height=tweenbegin+a+ "px"}function aftertween () {tweenel.style.height= ""; if (tweenend==0) { Tweenel.style.display= "None"}clearinterval (Tweeninterval); Tweeninterval=null;tweenel=null;isontweening=0;if ( ontweenfinished) {var a=ontweenfinished;ontweenfinished=null; A ()}}function easeout (a,b) {var c=a/b;return-c* (C-2)}initmenu (); </script>
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