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The simplest way to copy content in js is to directly use createTextRange () and execCommand () and then there are window. clipboardData. setData and so on. Next I will summarize various application instances.

Example 1

The Code is as follows: Copy code

Function oCopy (obj ){
Obj. select ();
Js = obj. createTextRange ();
Js.exe cCommand ("Copy ")

<Input onclick = "oCopy (this)" value = "content to copy! ">

Example 2

Click to copy the title and address code:

The Code is as follows: Copy code

<Title> title </title>
<Input type = "button" name = "Submit" onClick = 'copytoclipboard () 'value = "copy the topic address and send it to friends on QQ/MSN">
<Script language = "javascript">
Function copyToClipBoard (){
Var clipBoardContent = "";
ClipBoardContent + = document. title;
ClipBoardContent + = "";
ClipBoardContent + = this. location. href;
Window. clipboardData. setData ("Text", clipBoardContent );
Alert ("Copied successfully, paste it on your QQ/MSN and recommend it to your friends ");

3. Click the code to copy the text box content: <br>

The Code is as follows: Copy code

<Script type = "text/javascript">
Function jsCopy (){
Var e = document. getElementById ("content"); // The object is content
E. select (); // select an object
Document.exe cCommand ("Copy"); // execute the browser Copy command

Alert ("copied, can be pasted. ");
<Textarea cols = "60" name = "content" rows = "2" id = "content"> www.52nx.net </textarea>
<Input type = button value = "copy" onclick = "jsCopy ()">

The above compatibility may be different in different browsers. I will introduce a very good example below.

The Code is as follows: Copy code

Function copy_clip (){
Var url = $ ("# back_info" ).html (); // the content to be copied
Var txt = url. substring (url. indexOf (":") + 1, url. length );
If (window. clipboardData ){
Window. clipboardData. clearData ();
Window. clipboardData. setData ("Text", txt );
Alert ('Congratulations, copy successful! ');
} Else if (navigator. userAgent. indexOf ("Opera ")! =-1 ){
Window. location = txt;
} Else if (window. netscape ){
Try {
Netscape. security. PrivilegeManager. enablePrivilege ("UniversalXPConnect ");
} Catch (e ){
Alert ("your firefox security restrictions restrict you to clipboard operations. Please enter 'about: config' in the address bar of the new window and find 'signed. applets. codebase_principal_support 'is set to true '");
Return false;
Var clip = Components. classes ["@ mozilla.org/widget/clipboard1_1"]. createInstance (Components. interfaces. nsIClipboard );
If (! Clip)
Var trans = Components. classes ["@ mozilla.org/widget/transferable1_1"]. createInstance (Components. interfaces. nsITransferable );
If (! Trans)
Trans. addDataFlavor ('text/unicode ');
Var str = new Object ();
Var len = new Object ();
Var str = Components. classes ["@ mozilla.org/supports-string1_1"]. createInstance (Components. interfaces. nsISupportsString );
Var copytext = txt;
Str. data = copytext;
Trans. setTransferData ("text/unicode", str, copytext. length * 2 );
Var clipid = Components. interfaces. nsIClipboard;
If (! Clip)
Return false;
Clip. setData (trans, null, clipid. kGlobalClipboard );


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