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Take NGUI's Uieventlistener as an example:

There is a class:

1 usingSharpkit.javascript;2 usingUnityengine;3 usingSystem.Collections;4 5[Jstype (JSMODE.CLR,".. /streamingassets/javascript/sharpkitgenerated/z_temp/test0610.javascript")]6  Public classTest0610:monobehaviour {7      PublicUIButton btn;8 9     voidStart ()Ten     { One         //Register callback here AUieventlistener.get (btn.gameobject). OnClick = This. OnClick; -     } -  the     voidOnClick (gameobject go) -     { -Debug.Log ("onclick"); -     } +}

This class has a public UIButton btn; Variable, which can be assigned in Inspector. We use this class to respond to BTN click events. The point is line 12th.

The generated JS is as follows:

1 if(typeof(jstypes) = = "Undefined")2     varJstypes = [];3 vartest0610 = {4FullName: "test0610",5Basetypename: "Unityengine.monobehaviour",6AssemblyName: "Sharpkitproj",7Kind: "Class",8 definition: {9ctorfunction (){Ten              This. btn =NULL; OneUnityEngine.MonoBehaviour.ctor.call ( This); A         }, -Start:function (){ -Uieventlistener.get ( This. Btn.get_gameobject ()). OnClick = $CreateDelegate ( This, This. OnClick); the         }, -Update:function (){ -         }, -OnClick:function(GO) { +unityengine.debug.log$ $Object ("onclick"); -         } +     } A }; atJstypes.push (test0610);

Look at the JS code line 14th, the OnClick assignment is the return value of the $CreateDelegate

The function of the $CreateDelegate is to return a function, depending on the definition of the function in the Jsclr.javascript file. The implementation details of this function are not discussed here, as long as you know that he is returning a function. This function is passed to C # and becomes an ID.

Of course, if you want this JS to be able to execute properly, of course, to configure Uieventlistener to jsbindingsettings.classes array let him export, look at the OnClick this field of C # code:

1  Public Staticuieventlistener.voiddelegate uieventlistener_onclick_getdelegate_member2_arg0 (CSRepresentedObject Objfunction)2 {3     if(Objfunction = =NULL|| Objfunction.jsobjid = =0)4     {5         return NULL;6     }7Uieventlistener.voiddelegate action = (go) = =8     {9JSMgr.vCall.CallJSFunctionValue (0, Objfunction.jsobjid, go);Ten     }; One     returnAction; A } - Static voidUieventlistener_onclick (jsvcall vc) - { the     if(vc.bget) { -Uieventlistener _this =(Uieventlistener) vc.csobj; -         varresult =_this.onclick; -JSMgr.vCall.datax.setObject ((int) JSApi.SetType.Rval, result); +     } -     Else { +Uieventlistener _this =(Uieventlistener) vc.csobj; A_this.onclick = jsdataexchangemgr.getjsarg<uieventlistener.voiddelegate> (() ={ at     if(Jsapi.isfunctions (int) JSApi.GetType.Arg)) -         returnUieventlistener_onclick_getdelegate_member2_arg0 (Jsapi.getfunctions (int) (JSAPI.GETTYPE.ARG)) ; -     Else -         return(uieventlistener.voiddelegate) Vc.datax.getObject (int) JSApi.GetType.Arg); - }) - ; in     } -}

The 22nd line is in the Assignment OnClick field. Because the OnClick is Delegate, the assignment also gives him a Delegate, the Delegate is returned by the function uieventlistener_onclick_getdelegate_member2_arg0 (line 1th).

Line 24th first calls Jsapi.getfunctions (..) to get the JS function ID. Csrepresentedobject is just an encapsulation of the JS object. UIEVENTLISTENER_ONCLICK_GETDELEGATE_MEMBER2_ARG0 get this function ID,

Constructs a uieventlistener.voiddelegate type of Delegate, and finally assigns the value to Uieventlistener.onclick.

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Jsbinding + Sharpkit/principle: Delegate

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