[JSOI2008] Maximum number of maxnumber (segment tree)

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Now ask you to maintain a sequence, the following two operations are required: 1, query operation. Syntax: Q l Function: Query the end of the current sequence of L
The largest number in the number, and outputs the value of the number. Limit: l does not exceed the length of the current series. 2, insert operation. Syntax: a n function: N Plus
On T, where T is the answer to the most recent query operation (t=0 if the query operation has not been performed), and the resulting result is taken to a fixed constant d
The resulting answer is inserted at the end of the sequence. Limit: N is a non-negative integer and is within a long range. Note: The initial sequence is empty and there is no


The first line is two integers, M and D, where m represents the number of operations (M <= 200,000), D, as described above, satisfies D within Longint. Next
M row, query operation, or insert operation.


For each query operation, output a line. The line has only one number, which is the maximum number of the last L in the sequence.

Sample Input5 100
A 96
Q 1
A 97
Q 1
Q 2Sample Output96
theSolving : Bare-wire section tree, interval query, single-point modification. Code:
#include <cstdio>#include<algorithm>using namespacestd;template<classT>inlinevoidRead (T &x) {x=0;intf=0;CharCh=GetChar ();  while(ch<'0'|| Ch>'9') f|= (ch=='-'), ch=GetChar ();  while(ch<='9'&&ch>='0') x= (x<<1) + (x<<3) + (ch^ -), ch=GetChar (); X=f?-x:x; return;}inttr[1000000],n,d,tot,t;voidAddintIintLintRintXinty) {    if(L==R) {Tr[i]+=y;tr[i]%=d;return;} intMid=l+r>>1; if(x<=mid) Add (i<<1, L,mid,x,y); ElseAdd (i<<1|1, mid+1, R,x,y); Tr[i]=max (tr[i<<1],tr[i<<1|1]);}intQueryintIintLintRintXinty) {    if(x<=l&&r<=y)returnTr[i]; intMid=l+r>>1; if(Y<=mid)returnQuery (i<<1, L,mid,x,y); Else if(X>mid)returnQuery (i<<1|1, mid+1, R,x,y); Else returnMax (Query (i<<1, L,mid,x,mid), query (i<<1|1, mid+1, r,mid+1, y));} intMain () {intXChars;    Read (n); read (D);  for(intI=1; i<=n;i++) {scanf ("%c",&s); read (x); if(s=='A') {x= (x+t)%D; Add (1,1,200000,++tot,x); }        Else{x=tot-x+1; X=query (1,1,200000, X,tot); T=x; printf ("%d\n", x); }    }    return 0;}

[JSOI2008] Maximum number of maxnumber (segment tree)

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