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Newtonsoft. JSON is an open source JSON. Net Library.

: Http://json.codeplex.com/releases/view/50552. The current version is release 8.

Download fromSource codeObtain newtonsoft. JSON. netw.dll and add it to your project.

Using newtonsoft. JSON;

Definition class:

Public class message
Public String address {Get; set ;}
[Jsonproperty (typenamehandling = typenamehandling. All)]
Public Object Body {Get; set ;}
Public class searchdetails
Public String query {Get; set ;}
Public String language {Get; set ;}


Message message = new message
Address = "http://google.com /",
Body = new searchdetails {query = "JSON. Net", language = "En-us "}
String jsonmsg = jsonconvert. serializeobject (message, formatting. indented); // indented indicates that the result is displayed in indentation.
System. Diagnostics. Debug. Write (jsonmsg );
Message deserialized = jsonconvert. deserializeobject <message> (jsonmsg );
Searchdetails = (searchdetails) deserialized. Body;
Response. Write (searchdetails. query + "," + searchdetails. Language + "<br/> ");

Debug output result format:

"Address": "http://google.com /",
"Body ":{
"$ Type": "testjsonserialization. searchdetails, testjsonserialization ",
"Query": "JSON. Net ",
"Language": "En-us"

Note: 1. The jsonproperty tag is used to control the serialization of a field or attribute as a JSON object.

2. typenamehandling is used to specify the type name for JSON serialization. It has several enumerated values:

Member Description
none do not include. net Type name when serializing types.
objects include. net Type name when serializing into a JSON object structure.
arrays include. net Type name when serializing into a JSON array structure.
auto include. net Type name when the type of the object being serialized is not the same as its declared type.
All Always include the. NET type name when serializing.

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