Json-server Usage Summary

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Json-server Usage Summary

What: Forge Online rest APIs, provide virtual data to front-end pages, support Cors and JSONP cross-domain requests, support get, POST, PUT, PATCH, and DELETE methods

How-to-use method one: Call online using an on-line address

After entering the online address http://jsonplaceholder.typicode.com/, a variety of analog data interfaces are available at the bottom of the page for us to call directly

, the fields in the interface and the data structures are fixed, and we can't change them to fit our scenario, so we can use Json-server to simulate the data locally and write the JSON file according to our own needs.

Use method Two: Use Json-server local call

First, the global installation: in the installation of Nodejs premise, open the terminal, the global installation Json-server

NPM install-g Json-server

Second, initialize: Create a new Folder project and CD into project, initialize the Package.json file

NPM Init

Third, confirm package information: Enter to confirm name,version and so on, generate Package.json file

Four, install Json-server module, after success, Package.json will display the version number

NPM Install Json-server--save

V. Create Data.json in folder project and write JSON data as needed

Vi. monitoring Data.json files, "My-server" for custom names

Seven, the address below the start Json:my-server,resource is the generated local interface address

NPM Run Json:my-server


Eight, in addition to their own local simulation JSON data, you can also remotely introduce Jsonplaceholder data



Nine, if the interface address too many, you can create a new Readme.txt, copy it for inspection


Ten, when the interface data returned too much, inconvenient to consult, can use postman consult


Json-server Usage Summary

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