JSON string converted to JSON object

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JSON characters and JSON objects to convert a lot of ways, the next will be introduced for everyone, interested friends can refer to ha, hope to help you

1>jquery plug-in supported conversion mode :

The code is as follows:
$.parsejson (JSONSTR); Jquery.parsejson (JSONSTR), you can convert a JSON string into a JSON object

2> Browser-supported conversion mode(FIREFOX,CHROME,OPERA,SAFARI,IE9,IE8) and other browsers:
The code is as follows:
Json.parse (JSONSTR); You can convert a JSON string into a JSON object
Json.stringify (Jsonobj); You can convert a JSON object to a JSON string
Note: IE8 (compatibility mode), IE7 and IE6 do not have JSON objects, it is recommended to use the official JSON method, the introduction of Json.js.

3>javascript supported conversion modes
Eval (' (' + jsonstr + ') '); You can convert a JSON string to a JSON object, noting that you need to wrap a pair of parentheses outside the JSON character
Note: IE8 (compatibility mode), IE7 and IE6 can also use eval () to convert strings to JSON objects, but these methods are not recommended, which is unsafe for eval to execute an expression in a JSON string.

4>json Official way of conversion
http://www.json.org/provides a json.js so that IE8 (compatibility mode), IE7 and IE6 can support JSON objects as well as their stringify () and Parse () methods;
Can get this JS on Https://github.com/douglascrockford/JSON-js, generally now use json2.js.

PS: Here to provide you with a few powerful JSON parsing, conversion and formatting tools for everyone to choose to use, I believe that the next JSON format for everyone to data processing will be helpful:

Online JSON code inspection, inspection, landscaping, formatting tools:

Online Xml/json convert each other:

JSON code online formatting/landscaping/compression/editing/conversion tools:

C Language Style/html/css/json code formatting beautification tool:

JSON string converted to JSON object

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