Json_encode prevent Chinese characters from escaping into Unicode, json_encodeunicode_php tutorial

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Json_encode prevents Chinese characters from escaping into Unicode, Json_encodeunicode

As you know, Json_encode usually escapes the characters in JSON into Unicode, but that's not necessarily what we want. Sometimes we need to get a JSON string in the form of a Chinese character, such as a JSON string that needs to be GBK encoded (as long as the character string is transcoded). Is there any good way?

PHP officially hears this demand and offers a reliable solution: Json_unescaped_unicode. This parameter ensures that Json_encode no longer converts Chinese characters to Unicode.

Does that seem to solve it? When we happily use this parameter, we find that there is no egg to use. In a closer look, this parameter is only supported by PHP after 5.4. What about the earlier PHP?

The community provides a solution:

function My_json_encode ($arr) {//convmap since x char codes so it takes all multibyte codes (above ASCII).  So such characters is being "hidden" from normal json_encodingarray_walk_recursive ($arr, function (& $item, $key) {if (Is_string ($item)) $item = Mb_encode_numericentity ($item, Array (x, XFFFF, xffff), ' utf-'); }); return Mb_decode_numericentity (Json_encode ($arr), array (x, XFFFF, xffff), ' utf-');}

However, this method is only supported in 5.3, since 5.2 does not support anonymous functions. As for the solution? Define the anonymous function as you please.

PS: Solve json_encode Chinese Unicode transcoding problem

When using PHP json_encode to handle Chinese, Chinese will be encoded, become unreadable, similar to the "\u***" format, if you want Chinese characters do not transcode, here are three ways

1. Upgrade PHP, in PHP5.4, the problem is finally resolved, JSON added an option: Json_unescaped_unicode, so the name Incredibles, that is, JSON do not encode UNICODE.

<?phpecho Json_encode ("Chinese", json_unescaped_unicode);//"Chinese"

2. UrlEncode the Chinese characters first and then use the Json_encode,json_encode again after using the UrlDecode to decode, so that the encoded JSON array of Chinese characters will not appear Unicode encoding.

$array = Array (' Test ' =>urlencode ("I Am Test"), $array = Json_encode ($array); Echo UrlDecode ($array);//{"test": "I am a Test"}

3. Decode the Unicode code and decode the function as follows:

function Decodeunicode ($str) {return Preg_replace_callback ('/\\\\u ([0-9a-f]{4})/I ', create_function (' $matches ', ' Return mb_convert_encoding (Pack ("h*", $matches [1]), "UTF-8", "ucs-2be"); '), $str);}

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