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This version adds a single pass selector for all complex queries, plus a notable improvement in the performance of extracting elements from the DOM using CSS selectors, fixing the bugs that Scala supports, providing new HTML manipulation features, and bug fixes.

Jsoup is a Java HTML parser that can directly parse a URL address, HTML text content. It provides a very labor-saving API for fetching and manipulating data through dom,css and jquery-like operations.

The main functions of Jsoup are as follows: Parsing html from a URL, file or string, using a DOM or CSS selector to find, fetching, and manipulating HTML elements, attributes, and text;

Jsoup is based on the MIT protocol and can be safely used in commercial projects.

Sample code:

File input = new file ("/tmp/input.html");
Document doc = jsoup.parse (input, "UTF-8", "http://example.com/");

Element content = Doc.getelementbyid ("content");
Elements links = Content.getelementsbytag ("a");
for (Element link:links) {
  String linkhref = link.attr ("href");
  String LinkText = Link.text ();

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