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If you are a. Net programmer, you should be glad that you will never encounter the following problems.

If you are a JSP programmer, you should be glad you have encountered the same problem as me.

That is, the conversion and reading of Chinese Character paths on the JSP page.

I wrote this article to vent my feelings, and I used to remind people who read the article not to fall into such a dilemma.


Venting is angry. Why is JSP so inflexible? I have been suffering from a Chinese character for N days. The second venting is that there are so many network resources. Why can't I find relevant information.

After the vent is completed, the following parts are the problem and solution.


I. Business Requirements

1. Upload a video file to a specific path, such as http: // 8080/Java programming/video tutorial/Chinese character. Avi

2. You can preview the video file in the Page Management Section.


Ii. Preliminary plan

1. Use the smartupload component to upload files: the previous article provides specific solutions.


2. Use the JSP video player to play the video. The Code is as follows:


<Object ID = "layer" classid = "CLSID: 6bf52a52-394a-11d3-b153-00c04f79faa6 "width =" 320 "Height =" 217 "> <br/> <Param name =" url "value =" relative or absolute playback path "/> <br /> <embed autostart = "true" <br/> src = "<% = http: // 8080/Java programming/video tutorial/Chinese characters. avi %> "<br/> type =" Video/X-MS-WMV "<br/> width =" 320 "<br/> Height =" 217 "<br/> controls = "imagewindow" <br/> console = "cons"> <br/> </embed> <br/> </Object>


Iii. Effect

1. Most people will think that the preview is successful and the result is handled (such a person is a rookie like me)

2. Actual results: the video cannot be played normally.

3. Reason: The Fault Caused by Chinese Character paths


Iv. Solutions

1. Modify the ctor node in Tomcat 6.0/CONF/server. xml.

<Connector Port = "8080" protocol = "HTTP/1.1"
Connectiontimeout = "20000"
Redirectport = "8443"
Uriencoding = "GBK" // newly added content

2. Make sure that the standard JSP page ID exists in the first line of the video preview page:

<% @ Page Language = "Java" contenttype = "text/html; charset = GBK" iselignored = "false" pageencoding = "GBK" %>


3. The function that completes character conversion: utftogbk (string Str). The specific implementation is as follows:


1. Import java.net .*;

2. The slash '/' must not be converted.

// Database character conversion function <br/> Public String utftogbk (string SRC) <br/>{< br/> string des = ""; <br/> for (INT I = 0; I <= SRC. length (); I ++) <br/>{< br/> If (SRC. charat (I) = '/') <br/>{< br/> des + = "/"; // conversion is not required when encountering/Symbols <br/>}< br/> else <br/>{< br/> // when encountering Chinese or English characters <br/> des + = urlencoder to be converted. encode (string. valueof (SRC. charat (I), "GBK"); </P> <p >}< br/> return des; <br/>}


4. Final Implementation Code

<Object ID = "layer" classid = "CLSID: 6bf52a52-394a-11d3-b153-00c04f79faa6 "width =" 320 "Height =" 217 "> <br/> <Param name =" url "value =" relative or absolute playback path "/> <br /> <embed autostart = "true" <br/> src = "<% = utftogbk (http: // 8080/Java programming/video tutorial/Chinese characters. avi) %> "<br/> type =" Video/X-MS-WMV "<br/> width =" 320 "<br/> Height =" 217 "<br/> controls = "imagewindow" <br/> console = "cons"> <br/> </embed> <br/> </Object>

5. Playback successful. Solve Chinese Character Problems


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