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JS in the previous tutorial, we have used the java.util.Date. One can ask: Why not use import java.util.*? In fact, the import statement can also be used in JSPs, but its syntax is somewhat different from that of normal Java. An example is given below:

<%@ page import="java.util.*" %>




System.out.println( "Evaluating date now" );

Date date = new Date();


Hello! The time is now <%= date %>



The first line in the above code we call a "directive". This JSP "directive" is preceded by a <%@ character. This is a "page directive". This "page directive" can contain all the imported items. If you want to introduce more than one project, you can use commas (,) to separate projects, such as:

<%@ page import= "java.util.*,java.text.*"%>

You can have more than one JSP directives in page directive. In addition to "page directive", other useful directives include include and taglib. In a later tutorial, we will discuss the taglib in detail. Only include directive is discussed here.

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