JSP basic syntax

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One, implicit annotation syntax

Format one://comment, when line comment

Format two:/**/, multi-line Comment

Format three: <%--comment--%> jsp comment

<!--This annotation client can see-

<%--comments in JSP, client cannot see--%>



Multi-line annotations provided in Java that the client cannot see


A single-line comment provided in Java that the client cannot see



Second, Scriptlet

The first type of scriptlet uses <%%> representations, where local variables can be defined in this scriptlet, writing statements, etc.

The second scriptlet uses the <%!%> representation, in which global variables, methods, classes can be defined in this Scriptlet

The third type of scriptlet with <%%>, the main function is to output a variable or a specific content, also known as expression output

Scriptlet Label

Using a lot of <%%> in a program can lead to code clutter, so a scriptlet tag is provided in the new version of the JSP that allows you to do the same with <%%>


Java scriptlet


Page Common directives

The above configuration indicates that if a 404 or 500 of the HTTP status code appears in the project, or a null point to the exception, it will jump to the page to display, when the jump past the address bar also no change, so the server is still jumping

Passing two parameters to a contained page

This also belongs to the server jump

JSP basic syntax

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