Jsp http server implementation effect

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1. server-side execution results

The following are the execution results of the jsp http server on the Win32 and JDK 1.6.0 platforms:

Execution result graph of jsp http Server

Lists the classes currently loaded by the jsp http server. When a client request contains a JSP file, the server interprets the JSP file and compiles it into a class file. The server then loads the instance of this type of object through this class, and puts the instance into Hashtable for management. When the client requests the same JSP file again, if the server determines that the JSP file is not updated, it directly calls the Instance Object of the class corresponding to the class to process the request, instead of loading it repeatedly.

Note: To run the system on the Solaris platform, you must first install JDK. The current JDK version that supports Solaris is 1.6.0. Make sure that you have the permission to create a socket and read the directory where the service page is located.

2. Client execution results

The following figure shows the result of accessing the jsp http server through TheWorld browser v1.40:

Result diagram of client browser access to jsp http Server

Jsp http Server JSP source code snippet

The login. JSP file reads and displays the information submitted by the client on the previous page. In JSP code, the getParameter interface of the Request member is used to read and output the client parameters.

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