JS's encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism

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JS is a very flexible language, do not talk about polymorphism (or that it is polymorphic)
Closed part, no direct access to the outside world
Indirect access to private parts through open sections
Not encapsulated: All properties of the constructor are open

function Girl (NAME,BF) {    this. Name = name;      this. bf = BF;} var New Girl ("Lin Daiyu", "Jiabaoyu" + "Love" + GIRL.BF); // lin Daiyu love Jia Baoyu

Encapsulation: Encapsulates part of a property to be accessed by a public interface

 function   Girl (NAME,BF) { var  secret = BF;     this . Name = name;  this . Showlove = function   () { return   secret;  var  girl = new  Girl ("Lin Daiyu", "Jia Baoyu") Span style= "color: #000000;" ); alert (girl.name  + "Love" + Girl.secret); //  Lin Daiyu love Undefined,secret not accessible  alert (girl.name + "Love" + Girl.showlove ()); //  Lin Daiyu love Jia Baoyu, access to private properties indirectly through the open section  

Summary: Complete encapsulation of private properties with closures
First, the prototype inheritance

//the core of the prototype chain is __proto__  functionDog () { This. Bark =function() {alert ("Wangwang")      }  }  functionHashiqi () {} Hashiqi.prototype=NewDog (); varDog1 =NewHashiqi (); Dog1.bark ();//WangwangHashiqi.prototype.bark=function() {alert ("Wuwu"); }  varDOG2 =NewHashiqi (); Dog2.bark ();//Wuwu  varDog3 =NewDog (); Dog3.bark ();//Wangwang

Second, the object impersonating
Temp variable

function Parent () {} function Child () {    this. temp = Parent;       This . Temp ();     Delete  This . temp;}

Call () and apply ()

function Parent () {} function Child () {   Parent.call (this, var1,var2 ...)    // parent.apply (This,[var1,var2 ...])}

Iii. copying and inheriting

Object.prototype.extend =function(obj) { for(varKeyinchobj) {        if( This[key]==undefined) {             This[key]=Obj[key]; }    }}varCat = {color: "Yellow", climb:function() {alert ("I will climb the tree");}}varTiger = {color: "Yellow and black"}tiger.extend (cat); tiger.climb ();//I can climb trees .alert (Tiger.color);//Yellow and Black

Iv. Mixed inheritance

Static methods

// this is a constructor and an object function Bird () {    this. wings=2;       This function () {        alert ("I Will Fly");    }}// This is a static method of the bird object and belongs to this object function only   () {   alert ("Eat Bug")}varnew Bird ();   Bird instance, cannot access eat ()

JS's encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism

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