July 3, 15 thoughts

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First, this morning by the subway was crowded over the station, for 2 reasons:

1, Zhu Xinzhun Station is the transfer station, in accordance with the usual experience to get off the passengers will be more, get off the long time, follow the people get out of the car is not difficult, so although I am in the back position, but I did not push forward, but today in Zhu Xinzhun station alight people seldom ~.

2, when I approached the subway door when the people began to rush into the car, causing me to get off the resistance, although at this time the door has not closed, but I stopped to continue to squeeze out the behavior.


1, the empiricism kills the person, if has the condition which can prepare in advance, then must prepare beforehand, forgets the experience.

2, the maintenance of self-interest is not enough to insist, sit over the station wasted their time, resulting in late, affecting their image, indirectly led to their own income decline, each of these disadvantages will affect their own living standards, and the subway rules are first down, I accounted for the cause of righteousness. When occupy the commanding heights of morality and jurisprudence, we should increase the strength of safeguarding our own interests, meet resistance that break resistance, hard to squeeze out, do not need to consider the road ahead of the feelings of the people , to get the reason, I am in compliance with Providence, block me dead!! that is the right thing to do.

Ii. some new insights on etiquette

Just came to the new company 2 days, today the boss came to see us, come in and I shook hands, I did not get up, sitting and his hand, after hindsight it is not right, when there are leaders and you greet, should give each other basic respect, to stand up, to smile, this is not flattery, this is just the basic etiquette .

The immediate leader from the field trip back, in the office, colleagues and he exchanged greetings: X always come back, X always good ~, but I still stare at the screen did not turn around, after 3 seconds, I got up, X always thought I want to greet him, throat just issued a syllable, I went to colleague computer, make x always very embarrassed. The reason why I don't say hello to x is that I can't think of anything good about him, because "X always comes Back" and "X is good" are all spoken by colleagues. But after hindsight: these greetings are not all meaningless words, so do not worry about the greeting and colleagues like the same and embarrassed to open, the greeting itself is meaningless, its role is to show an attitude: I respect you, I and you good relations .

Three, must remember this sentence: I am engineering, realize the function, and quality standards are the most important .

July 3, 15 thoughts

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