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Blog post Viewpoints openparty--security topics

e-Community Blog Point of View will be on July 11, 2009, afternoon 13:40~18:30, in the good Lun Cui Wei Road Store (tel: 010-68152023) held "blog Point of view openparty--security Theme", sincerely look forward to your visit.

The blog is a team that integrates professional technicians and professional service personnel, is a team full of innovation and creative passion, is a progressive, pursuit of excellence team. The "blog View Big Lecture hall" hosted by Bowen Point of view successfully held 11, the field was full, and achieved great success. However, subject to site and time constraints, and sometimes a lot of readers have a lot of questions hope and the author close communication, blog Point of view Openparty emerged.

type of activity:
Blog View Openparty is a 100-person, for the author and readers to exchange skills and reading experience activities.
Blog View Openparty's venue will be divided into 3 areas, free speech area 1, free speech area 2 and free discussion area.

We offer two free speech areas, each with a capacity of 30 people. In the free speech area, you can share your experiences and ideas with your audience, each speaker has 30 minutes to freely allocate. After 30 minutes, if you have some questions to discuss with your audience, you can discuss them in the free discussion area.
In the free speech Area 1 We will provide a projector where you can use PPT. In the free speech Area 2 We will provide a whiteboard for you to demonstrate.
The free discussion area is a venue for free discussion by all participants.
As a speaker, we need you to provide your keynote address, your profile, and your photos. If you have a PPT, then you will need to send us a ppt, we will put on the Internet for more people to refer to the use.

Event topic: Vulnerability Analysis
Issue: Bug with website hanging horse
Vulnerability Discovery Analysis
Template based fuzzing test

invited guests: (sorted by surname Pinyin)
Cao Jianghua "Linux Server Security Policy (2nd edition)" (freelance writer)
Chen Xiaobing "Hacker attack and Combat Case analysis" (Security experts)
Zhangang "Encryption and decryption (third edition)" (See Snow Software Institute Webmaster)
Li Dequan "Denial of service attack" (Beijing Digital Certification Center consultant)
Li Xiangjun (PhD, China Mobile Research Institute)
Roe "Writing Secure Code on Windows Vista" (Joint World security Manager)
Roshillau "Web Trojan Attack combat" (security experts)
Tan Haibo "Microsoft. NET program encryption and decryption "(Security experts)
Eagle (IBM Senior Consultant)
Chief engineer, China Information Security Assessment Center, Wang June
King Qingyue "0 Day Security: Software Vulnerability Analysis Technology" (renowned software security specialist)
Yang Fanlong "Network infiltration Technology" (Know Chong Yu Cto&vp)

Registration Method:
Click here to register online. (100 persons only)
As the venue is limited, we will respond to your participation in this event in order of priority.
If you have any questions, please call: 010-88254012

Registration Deadline:
July 9 16:00

Click here to learn about the past party

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