June 2015 shares in the annals of a share

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Before it was strange that the bull market boom and plunge, and later found that volume is unthinkable, and all of this is the source of financing coupons, that is, leverage .

The role of leverage is endless, as Archimedes said, "Give me a fulcrum, I can pry up the earth."

Leverage is an amplifier that amplifies your money, amplifies the gains, and amplifies the risk. Regular brokerage channels are twice as many times, and there is an off-site financing channel can be up to 10 times times, the basic is 5 times times.

Have heard, someone 10 times times the lever, at the end of 14 to enter, all the way 5,000 points to successfully escape the top, profit hundreds of millions of, carefree went. Of course this myth, I do not believe.

Leverage is strong, is the key to the stock, the collapse of the position, stop out, like dominoes, a fall, a succession of falling.

National team into the fire, the technique is not in the past tough, stop IPO, stop period refers to empty single, unlimited credit support brokers Crazy Sweep, July 9 the lowest hit 3373, finally stabilized the situation, otherwise a-share really to fall into the abyss.

The following shares

To step down the unit

According to a recent survey, Ali, the Homs system developed by Hang Seng Electronics (600570,SH), is a system platform for off-site distribution, and now the SFC has cleaned out the field.

A-share has been said to be a huge legal casino, and leverage is nothing more than these gamblers doping, this stock crazy ending is 30,000 more than 5 million of the account is forced to close, and some even put a position, a penny is still owed a lot of money to the bank.

1.5 times times the leverage can only carry-60% of the loss, 10 times times a 10% on the go, this time to kill (said the decline can not explain its strength) how much share price was halved. There is a 8.5 million martyrs, afterwards said that he 1:1 of the leverage, pour in a few minutes before the margin call, 1 million of the funds have been in place, on the formalities, in line, the eyes of the strong flat.

Really worked hard for decades, once back to liberation.

The Chinese people's gambling is too big, is so crazy move, let a lot of person ruin, even jumped.

There have been reports of a decrease in the number of shares in the disaster

500,000 ~ 1,085,492 Households

1 million ~ 5,127,481 households

5 million ~ 10,017,375 households

10 million ~ 100,011,333 households

100 million ~ 406 households

Extremely tragic, on the big 5 million nearly 30,000 households to calculate, is 150 billion. This wealth figure, assuming still, is bound to be used in social activities, life, investment, consumption. In the present, China, which is not economically driven, is undoubtedly a heavy blow.

Investment and financial management is necessary, but also to control the proportion of investment and risk.

June 2015 shares in the annals of a share

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