June Global Operating System market share: Win 7 break 60% strong growth potential

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IDC Review Network (idcps.com) July 07: According to the latest data from market research company NET applications, in June, the global operating system market share competition, Windows, Mac and Linux in turn into three armor. Last month, only the share of Windows fell, the chain fell 0.22%. In addition, in the browser version of the market share, Windows 7 exceeded 60%, reached 60.98%, the supremacy of the more stable. Below, please look at IDC review the data analysis of the network collation.

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(Fig. 1) June Global operating system market share map

Through the figure 1,IDC Commentary network, in June, the global operating system market, Windows accounted for 90.85% of the share, sit steady 1th, the last month, reduce 0.22%;mac and Linux 2, 3, respectively, the share reached 7.54%, 1.61%, the chain to achieve the rise, The gains were 0.19% and 0.04% in turn.

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(Fig. 2) January 2015 to June Global operating system version share chart

In contrast to Figure 2, you can be informed that between January 2015 and June, the global operating system version share of the top five, the Windows 7 parts of the road, in June has risen to 60.98%, more than May increased 3.22%, strong momentum. By contrast, the share of Windows XP has been eroded and has fallen to 11.98% in June, down by 2.62% in May, a sharp decline. In addition, the overall share of Windows 8.1 showed a small upward trend, rising to 2nd in June, with a 13.12% share over Windows XP.

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(Fig. 3) June Global operating system version market share TOP10

View 3,IDC Comment Network noted that in June, the global operating system version of the market share contest, Windows a total of 5 editions finalists 10. Among them, Windows 7 occupies 60.98% of the share, once again won the first throne. In addition, Windows 8.1 supersedes Windows XP ranking 2,windows xp down to 3rd, ranking 22 swaps.

Mac occupies 4 seats in the top ten, the 4th, 8, 9, 10 mac OS X 10.10, 10.9, 10.6, 10.8, respectively. Of these, Mac OS X 10.8 replaces last month's Mac OS X 10.7, which was ranked in bottom.

Linux remained alone, ranking 7th, with a 0.04% increase to 1.61% per cent from last month.

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June Global Operating System market share: Win 7 break 60% strong growth potential

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