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Swipelistview is an Android List view implementation that implements a custom ListView cell that can be slid to display the expansion panel. Developers can download and install their demo app directly on Google Play.


Greendao is an ORM solution that can help Android developers quickly map Java objects to a form in a SQLite database, and by using a simple object-oriented API, developers can store, update, delete, and query Java objects.

Greendao's main design objectives:

    • Maximum performance (fastest Android ORM)
    • Easy to use API
    • Highly optimized
    • Minimum memory consumption

For more information, please refer to:greendao-orm


FFmpeg is an open-source computer program that can be used to record, convert digital audio, video, and turn it into a stream. It includes the current leading audio/video coding library Libavcodec. FFmpeg is developed under Linux, but it can be compiled in most operating systems, including Windows. It is easy to convert multiple video formats to each other.

FFmpeg for Android is a ffmpeg library that can be compiled directly from Android's source code environment via the Android NDK. The library project is the FFmpeg for Android portal, developers need to directly select the video files needed to convert, and set parameters, can be converted, the initiator Havlenapetr said in the future will be developed for their Android library, to enable the automatic conversion of video files.


Tweet Lanes is a full-featured Twitter client running on Android 4.0 and later Android devices (developers can download the app directly on Google Play ).

The Open source project contains all of the following source code:

    • Tweet lanes client application;
    • A socialnetlib project linking Twitter and app.net APIs;
    • All sources, especially the logo and Play store list;
    • The APP engine project for tweetlanes.com.


This is a simple Android view class that supports multi-fingered zoom images. On Android2.1 and its later devices, you can use it as a standard imageview when you want to implement a scaling operation at the same time.


Anyone who has ever used path should know that there is a very interesting menu at the bottom left of the path main interface. The menu consists of a main button, and when the user taps the button, a series of buttons pops up, and satellite menu is an open-source version of it.

For satellite menu, its project sponsor, Siyamed, said the menu structure was like a planet surrounded by many satellites, which is why he named the project with satellite menu.


Vitamio is an all-in-one multimedia development framework on the Android platform, and with its simple and easy-to-use API interface, Vitamio has won the favor of many developers around the world. At present, many of the company's open source Vitamio projects are hosted on GitHub, and Vitamio's core plug-in Vitamiobundle is one of them.

Vitamiobundle is a standalone Android library that facilitates the use of multimedia, which developers can easily integrate into their own projects.


Android-ffmpeg-x264 is a repository that makes it easy to extract and build the latest ffmpeg and libx264 that run on Android, using the Android NDK. Unlike most other NDK ffmpeg build packages, it can be packaged into a shared library with a very small android.mk file by configuring the build library. Currently, the Library project is no longer updated, but there are a lot of ffmpeg libraries on GitHub, and in addition to the previous ffmpeg, we will continue to introduce other ffmpeg libraries.


Arcmenu is an Android custom view item similar to the iOS version of the Path 2.0 menu, similar to the satellite menu item we described earlier.

For this project, its initiator, Dacapricorn, said the user experience on the iOS version of Path 2.0 was fantastic, but its Android version was far worse. As a result, he tries to make the same effect on Android as the iOS version, and that's true.


Datadroid is a development library on the Android platform that simplifies data management in Android applications and is based on the Android restful package.

For more information, please refer to:datadroidlib

Wuyi Android-adt-templates.

Android-adt-templates is a number of common templates that are used to integrate the Android development process to help developers quickly build common activity and UI models.

Of course, to use these templates, you must also be in Eclipse and ADT 21 and above, and it is important to note that the ADT template does not manage external dependencies outside of the official support library.


FFmpeg has many different libraries and is always confusing, so the project initiator n8fr8 a new change to the Android-ffmpeg project, which contains a clear, easy-to-change, static Android FFmpeg Creator.


The project is a library project modified based on Google Android Staggeredgridview, allowing developers to create a Pinterest-like GridView. Developers simply need to add them as a library item to the workspace in their own project for immediate use.


Robospice is Repo's open source Android library, which makes it easy to write asynchronous network requests. It is dedicated to network requests and supports rest requests by using extension modules such as Spring Android or the Google Http Client .

If you want to learn more, you can click on the link to view robospice large map , so that you 30 seconds to fully understand the robospice. If you want to use it now, you can go directly to the WiKi or robospice-samples page.


When an Android application becomes more functional, it becomes increasingly difficult to ensure efficient communication between the various parts of the application. How to solve this problem gracefully? At this point, you need to use the Eventbus.

Eventbus is an event bus class library of Greenrobot's Android system, used almost as much as the square Otto we introduced earlier, to simplify communication between application components.

Extended reading:Introduction to Eventbus and Otto use


Commandergenius is the port of the SDL library, and in the Project/jni/application directory there are several personal game source codes or patches.


Android RSS is a lightweight Android library on the Android Platform for RSS 2.0 reading software.

For more information, please refer to:code.google


Opencv-android is an open-source project that moves OpenCV to the Android mobile platform, which uses OpenCV's newest branch and builds on a modified Android NDK.


Androidsidemenu can make it easy for you to create a side-slip menu. It is important to note that the project itself does not provide any tools for creating menus, so developers are free to create internal menus.


Android-appmsg is based on Toast message hint and Cyril Mottier "theMaking of prixing #4: in-layout notifications" An in-layout notification implementation.

Developers can download their sample app directly on Google Play.


Proxydroid is a global agent app on Android that follows the GPLV3 protocol and can help you set up agents on Android devices. The Proxydroid project contains all open source code for proxydroid.


Bypass can skip HTML and use Markdown and render directly on Android and iOS. Markdown is a lightweight markup language that enables text-to-HTML conversions.


Onionkit is an Android library project that can improve the security of your mobile app network by providing multiple paths.

The Library specifically provides:

    • STRONGTRUSTMANAGER:TLS/SSL Certificate Verification of a powerful implementation, any certification center can be customized;
    • proxied Connection support: HTTP and Socks proxy connections for HTTP and HTTPS traffic through the specific configuration of the Apache HttpClient Library;
    • Orbothelper: A tool class that supports the integration of Orbot:tor for Android apps.


If you want to implement Android FFmpeg compilation, you must download and install the Android NDK, and you must also update the FFmpeg library before you start compiling.


The Android USB camera is a client software that can be used on a Linux computer directly as a camera on an Android phone. Install the USB driver on your phone, install the client software, then install the USBWEBCAM.APK program on your phone, turn on USB debug mode and run Usbwebcam, connect your PC to your phone with a USB cable and use your Android phone directly on your PC to act as a webcam.


Droidex can copy the screen contents of a developer-attached Android device to your development device screen. Often, if you use Droidex to do a demo, you can do more with less because you could connect an Android device directly to a laptop or projector, and customers can view the content on their Android device.

In addition, Droidex can also be used to demonstrate content that is not easily demonstrated through the simulator, such as a GPS or accelerator.


Andmake is a cmake tool chain file for Android. CMake is an open-source, cross-platform, automated building system that compiles source code, makes libraries, generates adapters, and can build executables in any order.


Screencap is the Android native screenshot tool, by calling the bottom, take the background screenshot of the way to achieve screenshots.

The developer-welcomed Android open source project on GitHub is more than just that, there are many other open source projects, and if you're interested, you can go directly to GitHub to learn more. At this point, the most popular Android open source project Count on GitHub is all over, and next, the CSDN mobile channel will officially turn on GitHub's most popular iOS open-source project inventory, so stay tuned!

If you want to use Opencv-android, you must first download and install Android SDK 1.6 (or its later version) and NDK R5, in addition to the following:

    • Android phone (may need to be connected to other phones);
    • QuickTime Java Library (required if you want to use Qtwebcambroadcaster).


Restprovider is designed to make it easier to access the rest service (or any of the network data formats of any major HTTP call) and cache it in a local SQLite database, allowing offline use. The restful API can be automatically parsed and responded to in one provider of Android.


There are many rich picture effects in the open source Imagefilterforandroid, which is an open source project initiated by De Shenjun from China. In addition to the Android platform, there is a Windows Phone and iOS mobile platform, three platform source synchronization.

ImageFilter Library Picture Effect comparison:

For details, please refer to: The Earthquake Army blog


Android-image-cache is an image download-and-cacher that automatically determines how to obtain images from memory or network, the cache can be automatically recycled, and automatically determines how to efficiently generate and retrieve various size thumbnails.

The main features are as follows:

    • Simply provide an adapter to read the local, network URL from the cursor;
    • Automatically generate and cache multiple size images based on a downloaded image;
    • Both disk cache and memory cache are provided;
    • Automatic disk cache management, no setup required, but parameters can be adjusted if required;
    • Operate in accordance with existing settings;
    • The cursor adapter supports multiple image fields in a ImageView, and automatically skips when null or empty;
    • When the cursor is loaded, the cursor adapter will have an automatic progress cue bar.


Build FFmpeg for Android neon, ARMv7, VFP, ARMv6, and Vplayer for Android.


Roman10-android-tutorial contains all the source code for Android Tutorial.


Tape is a set of queue relationship classes for Android and Java launched by Square.

For more information, please refer to:square.github

Just take it! The hottest Android Open source project (end of article)

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