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It is normal for a Seo website to be attacked by K. As the saying goes, it is certainly not a good webmaster if the website has not been attacked by K. Since the 628 incident, Baidu has been deeply impressed by SEO people. Baidu's word-of-mouth marketing has become a breeze in the webmaster community. Today, I don't talk about technology, Seo, or nonsense. What I want to talk about is just a kind of empathy.

The title of the article "website being K is also a kind of beauty". Let's take a look at the concept of beauty. What is beauty? Beauty is what people see with their eyes, and they feel the beauty of everything. For Seo people, K should have been used to swear by the street. What is the beauty of the website?

First, I would like to ask all my webmaster friends: What do you do for a website? Show it to users or search engines? If you want to show it to search engines, you are not eligible to swear by the street. If you want to show it to users, you are not eligible to swear by the street. Why? Because in the search engine circle, whoever wants to access the website is not allowed. Of course, this statement is paranoid, but it is not unreasonable, because the search engine does not owe you anything, it does not owe you a penny, if He indexed your website, instead, you owe it to him because he wants resources to collect your content. If your website is attacked by K, it will only hurt yourself. If you redo a website, why bother? (Do not scold the author, webmaster friends. It's not too late after reading this article)

In addition, your website is intended for users, so you are not qualified to abuse the street, because users do not want to know how high the weight of your website is and how many links there are. What users want to see is how rich the content of your website is and how many users need it, which can help users. These are users' concerns, and they will not be the rankings of webmasters. The user's principle is very simple. If you can give him what he needs, he will surely keep you up, and if your website can keep users chasing, so it will inevitably make search engines love their lives.

Of course, if the website is K and cannot be searched by the search engine, you have to start from the user's point of view. At this time, you really need to think about it, is your website exactly the same as your user needs? Does your website violate the rules? It is a truth that never changes since ancient times. Therefore, K considers its own problems first, and then solves the problems in the actual direction.

To sum up, if the website is K, you don't have to be sad, you don't have to be sad, and you can't even swear by the street. Because no one owes anything in this world. Especially in this Internet world, the search engine K is bound to be used by your website. Even if it is incorrect, I am not qualified to scold it because it does not owe you. If a user does not view your website, he or she must have his or her own ideas. You do not need to be bold, because the user does not owe you anything. You don't owe anything to others, and others don't owe you, so if the website K is gone, it will be K. If you do yourself well, you will be OK.

Everyone said, "ranking first is a kind of beauty." Think about the fact that the website is K, it is also a kind of beauty, the most authentic and pure beauty, it is a kind of calm beauty after the storm, it is a kind of quiet beauty after experience, a kind of extreme beauty, and a mature beauty! The website is marked as successful by K.

If you understand the true meaning of a website by K and the true feelings of users, your website will be enriched, your thoughts will be the most warm, and your mood will be kind.

Website K is a green leaf in Seo life, and is often decorated with the beauty of Seo life inadvertently.

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