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On the morning of June 23, September 2, Alibaba Cloud announced that Google will launch its browser Chrome. Lee Kaifu, vice president of Google and president of Greater China, said in an interview with Sina technology, the Chinese Team has been involved in browser development for a long time and made contributions. The Chinese version will be available as soon as the product is launched, which means Google Chrome enters China synchronously.

In an interview, Kai-Fu Li said that Google only hopes to have more options in the market for launching browsers. "We have very special browser aspects, and we are completely open-source, we never regard other browsers as competitors. Firefox or aoyou are our very close partners. Every technology we use will be used by them."

Google said in its official blog that it will launch browser products in more than 100 countries around the world on Tuesday. When talking about the product's entry into China, Kai-fu Lee said that there would be a Chinese version when the browser was officially launched, but Google China did not expect many users in China to use the browser.

"Many users in China are habitually using roaming or Firefox, and we hope they can consider using more of our technologies. In the end, it doesn't really matter who is doing the best. It just means that users need to have more choices and more choices will bring about good market competition ." Said Kai-Fu Li.

Kai-Fu Li said that browser is a strategic direction, but not necessarily a strategic product. He pointed out that in the future of cloud computing, browser will be a very core platform. In the future, users will access the Internet and access cloud computing, whether on PCs, mobile phones or other hardware, both require strong and powerful browsers.

"For example, Apple's iPhone is the best example. It has a good browser, which leads to the use of Iphone for Internet browsing, 50 times more than other mobile phones, therefore, browsers are very important." Kai-fu Lee also stressed that because browsers are very important, the future is an open-source platform and cannot be monopolized by a company.

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