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Today, Shi Nan introduced a website kaixin001. I registered and improved my personal data with interest, and downloaded a component for earning a parking space. I feel that this game has a really good idea.
2: kaixin.com is also SNS. CommunityWebsites. However, the target consumer group of kaixin.com is not clear.
Nowadays, the schools are basically facing college students. The domestic network targets IT professionals. The more mature SNS websites such as Skynet also have their own user-business people. so all SNS websites in China will focus on people in certain fields, while kaixin.com is doing the opposite. this is my personal opinion.
3: Now SNS are very popular, and the openness of SNS is becoming increasingly mature. Facebook and MySpace abroad are doing really well, and a large number of SNS websites are also shown in China. Various apps are overwhelmed. In fact, kaixin001's parking space is not an app. Google, Taobao, and Sina all have their own APIs. Its purpose is to add its own functions and stick it to customers.
4: SNS need people and e-commerce needs people. Can people on SNS be relocated to e-commerce? If yes, e-commerce is very popular.
5: Take kaixin.com as an example. kaixin.com provides system messages, friend news, and gifts. For example, if a lady buys a nice Slim T-shirt at Sina mall, the event will be sent to all her friends through system messages or dynamic feedback from friends. Let her friends know where she bought something. In this case, it must be a very good advertising effect, which will affect their purchase behavior to a certain extent.
We hope that SNS in China will go further and e-commerce will bring over the popularity of SNS.

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