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Mac comparison tool Kaleidoscope, is a good comparison tool, the interface is loved by the majority of users.

Under Window using beyond Compare 3, for specific setup steps, see: http://www.cnblogs.com/ayseeing/p/4268729.html

Kaleidoscope is a powerful file and image comparison tool that supports any text file and image files in JPEG, TIFF, PNG, PSD and other formats. Kaleidoscope can be compared to any text in any/merged document, compared to the picture difference, compared to the content of two directories, and provides the integration of Kaleidoscope Command line into Versions,git,subversion, Installation Services for TextMate.

Kalerdoscope is a fee software, do not want to buy a genuine classmate can go to the next cracked version.

After installing the Kalerdoscope, it is not possible to use the comparison command in git directly using the kalerdoscope, you need to open the Kalerdoscope, set inside the settings, such as:

1, first open Kalerdoscope, in the menu bar check integration ...

2. Select Git on the left side of the popup box

The first step here prompts us to install the ksdiff command-line tool. When the command-line tool is installed, click the Configure button to configure it. Then you can use Kalerdoscope in git to compare.

The commands used in git are git difftool different from Git's default git diff command.

Kaleidoscope for Mac

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