Kali Linux host and virtual machine exchange visits implementation

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1, attack and defense simulation, install DVWA to their host, in Kali Linux through Sqlmap and other tools to start sniffing attacks, need to configure the network. The virtual machine is bridged and replicates the MAC address status.

2. View the IP address under the respective system. The Windows System command is ipconfig, and the Linux system command is ifconfig. Determines that the IP address of the two systems is on the same network segment.

The following is my own computer card driver, in order to ensure uninterrupted, disable wireless driver, only provide the current virtual machine's network card driver and host driver, and the VMware network Adapter VMnet8 IP address of iPV4 modified to get automatically.

3, because the network is connected to the wireless network, you must refresh the IP address, otherwise the address may be cached not on the same network segment address, in the settings found to remove the replication physical network connection status.

The IP address that is configured to be configured is the wireless configuration that does not flush the IP address. After the refresh address is as follows:

4, at this time, the host can access the virtual machine, but the virtual machine on the market cannot ping the host. This is because the host's firewall is turned on and the firewall is turned off.

After shutting down the host's firewall settings, access the host again, but after testing is not a firewall problem, the second is the virtual network card driver DHCP configuration problems. So just check the system's IP address and reconfigure it to access it. The bridging method is then modified to net mode.

5, the network environment has been configured, and now installed on the host of their own DWVA and Wampserver, before an article I have on how to configure DWVA to do the instructions, here no longer repeat.

6, in the host to modify the DWVA Web address, according to the host's IP address configuration can be

7, after the attack of the reference I wrote earlier about the Sqlmap instance.

Kali Linux host and virtual machine exchange visits implementation

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