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NMAP Scan Command format

Nmap [Scan Type (s)] [Options] {target specification}

Host Scan

-SL (list scan),-SP (ping Scan),-p0 (no ping),-ps [portlist] (TCP SYN ping),-pa [portlist] (TCP ACK ping),-pu [portlist] (UDP ping),

-pe; -PP; -PM (ICMP ping Types),-PR (ARP ping),

Parameters:-N (without domain name resolution),-R (resolves the domain name for all targets),

Multiple scan modes can be specified at the same time

Port scan

-ss/st/sa/sw/sm:tcp Syn/connect ()/ack/window/maimon Scans

-SU:UDP Scan

-sn/sf/sx:tcp Null, FIN, and Xmas scans

--scanflags <flags>: Customize TCP Scan Flags

-si <zombie host[:p robeport]>: Idle scan

-SY/SZ:SCTP Init/cookie-echo Scans

-SO:IP Protocol Scan

-B <ftp relay Host>: FTP Bounce Scan

NMAP-SL ***.10.87.1-255

Nmap-pe ***.10.87.1-255

NMAP-PS80 ***.10.87.1-255


NMAP-PN ***.10.87.1-255 (does not use ping scan, more suitable for the Internet)

Nmap-sp ***.10.87.1-255 (Fast ping Scan)

-SN parameter, only detects the surviving host, does not scan other information

NMAP-PN-SN ***.10.87.1-255

nmap-Port Scan

1. Single Host scan

2. Multi-host scan

3. Multi-port scanning

Nmap–ss ***.10.87.148 (default of 1000 ports)

Nmap–ss ***.10.87.1-255

Nmap–st ***.10.87.1-255

Nmap–su ***.10.87.1-255

Nmap–su–p 80,445 ***.10.87.1-255

Nmap–st-v ***.10.87.1-255 (Enable detail mode)

Nmap–su–p ***.10.87.1-255 (Scan all ports)

nmap-Operating System Detection

-O? (Enable OS detection)

--osscan-limit? (Operating system detection for the specified target)

--osscan-guess; --fuzzy (presumably OS test results)

Nmap–st-o ***.10.87.148

Nmap–st-p 3390-o--osscan-limit ***.10.87.148

Nmap–sa-o ***.10.87.148

nmap-Service Program Detection


NMAP–SV ***.10.87.148

Nmap-sv-p 22,53,110,143,4564 ***.10.87.1-255

Nmap---Some advanced options

Nmap--iflist (view local routes and interfaces)

NMAP-E 08:00:27:47:63:e6 ***.10.87.148 (Specify Mac and IP address)

Nmap-t4-f-n-pn-d192.168.1.100,,,me 192.168.1.*** (address decoy)

NMAP–SV--spoof-mac 08:00:27:47:63:e6 ***.10.87.148 (fake MAC address)

NMAP–SV--source-port ***.10.87.148--source-port (Specify Source port)

nmap-p1-25,80,512-515,2001,4001,6001,9001 (scan Cisco routers)

NMAP-SU-P69-NVV (TFTP protocol for scanning routers)

Nmap-o-f-n ***.10.87.148 (-F Quick Scan)

Nmap-ir 100000-ss-ps80-p 445-og nmap.txt (randomly generates 100,000 IP addresses and scans its 445 ports. Prints the scan results to the Nmap.txt file in greppable (available grep command extraction) format.

You can use the grep command to extract the details of care from the output file)

Nmap---script use

Nmap--script=brute ***.10.87.148 (brute force hack)



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Kali Study (iv)

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