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Over the past few days, I have always been able to see the bad news on various websites and Q groups. It seems that our hardworking country should also consider spending some time on our own, "We are far from the ambitious goal of communism. Comrades, please take care of yourself!"

I hope the following seven suggestions can help all my comrades-in-arms and myself in their health:

  1. At AM, it is time for the immune system to detoxify. During this time period, you should be quiet or listen to music.
  2. At Am-Am, liver detoxification should be performed during sleep.
  3. At AM, the same is true.
  4. At 3-5 a.m., the lungs are detoxified. This is why the person who coughs has the most severe cough during this time, because the detoxification action has reached the lung; do not apply cough medicine, so as not to suppress the elimination of waste products.
  5. At 5-7 a.m., the large intestine should be detoxified and defecation should be performed on the toilet.
  6. At half past six a.m., breakfast should be taken when the small intestine absorbs a large amount of nutrition. It is best to eat breakfast before half past seven for the healer; before for the healer; those who do not eat breakfast should change their habits, even if you do not eat well after or.
  7. From midnight to AM, the time is the time when the spine is active. You must be asleep and stay up late.

We must conscientiously study, thoroughly understand, earnestly implement, and strictly implement the above seven suggestions. Never sacrifice our efforts to solve China's aging problem!

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