Key factors that have led to app rankings falling

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As a mobile app developer, we all understand the importance of app rankings. The purpose of our ASO optimization is to improve the app rankings. In addition to understanding some of the necessary ASO optimization techniques, we also need to know what factors can cause app rankings to fall and how to avoid these factors. In this article, we list some of the most common factors that lead to the fall in app rankings. It is believed that you will be better able to do ASO optimization more effectively after understanding these factors.

First, natural fluctuations

This factor is already familiar to most developers, and I'll mention it here to remind developers who don't have much experience. Generally speaking, the AppStore ranking will not be regularly updated rankings, in normal terms, under the influence of all factors, the app rankings will have a small fluctuation, we do not have to over-interpret this volatility. is * east of the ranking natural fluctuations.

Second, the ranking algorithm changes resulting in app rankings fall

We know that the app ranking results are determined by the App Store ranking algorithm, and Apple to optimize the app rankings and combat cheating, will update the App Store ranking algorithm, due to the influence of the ranking factor weight change, will lead to a certain change in app rankings. If you've previously done an ASO optimization on a factor that has been weighted down after the algorithm has been updated, this is also the main factor that has led to a fall in app rankings. As a result, ASOTOP1 recommends that you consider doing more than just a few things when you do ASO optimization.

Third, the daily new download installs the quantity

Download installs both in the App Store and on Google Play are the main factors that cause app rankings to rise or fall. And no matter how to change the algorithm, this factor has always been a high weight. So, when the app rankings go down abnormally, we should immediately compare the recent promotions to find out why.

Some developers in our ASOTOP1 bought a search download volume, in seeing their products have a good ranking after the sudden stop the daily new download, this to maintain the list has adverse effects, the best practice is to do a small amount of download daily, plus the natural flow, can be very good to maintain the rankings, This also does not cause download data exceptions. It is also important to note that many developers in order to pursue high load, on some platforms to buy a large number of virtual downloads, this is a great risk will lead to artificially down the right.

Iv. Application Reviews

Application reviews not only have a certain impact on the rankings, but also are one of the factors that lead to changes in app search rankings. Many developers pay too much attention to the role of download, and ignore the application of praise factors. The appropriate number of new ratings can stabilize the app rankings, and a large number of bad reviews, disorderly comments will lead to the app rankings fall, but also to the app download rate caused by the difficult to estimate damage. Some developers in order to quickly improve the app rankings, trying to buy a lot of praise, this is not rational. Second, to buy praise needs to provide real user comments on the platform to buy, such as Bestreviewapp.

V. Retention rate

Retention includes the next day retention/3rd retention/one week retention/two weeks retention of these indicators, which is the basis for Apple to determine whether the app is popular with users. Is the higher the retention rate the better? Of course not, it's another function is to judge the user's authenticity. If the retention rate is too high, it will be judged as cheating, and the light causes the factor not to be used in the rankings, which causes the app to fall. However, the general purchase of the download volume, most users will be downloaded after the installation of a few days after the uninstall, this need not worry too much. What we should be concerned about is the user activity of this factor.

Vi. User Activity

The impact of activity on app rankings is growing, and it doesn't allow us to overlook it. In addition to relying on the loyal users of the application, the activity can also rely on other stimuli to improve. For example, we are using the "ASOtop1" method to stimulate users to use a few times more applications.


The main factors that lead to the fall of the app are many, for the non-resistance factors, we have to do is try to adjust the optimization strategy according to change, we need to pay attention to do not "do bad things", we in the above factors do ASO optimization, remember to pay attention to the sense of propriety, usually not too much. If you do not understand the app overseas promotion, you can pay attention to ASOTOP1 official website.

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Key factors that have led to app rankings falling

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