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I. Key points of the interface test:

1. Title Bar

A. correctness of the title text description

B. The (maximize, minimize, and close) button in the title bar. Based on the features of the window, if the window is not maximized or minimized, the "maximize" and "minimize" buttons should not be displayed, or display the Disable status of the button.

2. Text

(1) text description accuracy:

A. Check whether the text description is consistent with the corresponding function;

B. Check the typos.

(2) Consistency of text terms:

(Menu, interface button, Label, ToolTip, and window title)

For example, if you have a button on the main interface to enter the option Setting dialog box, or if you have a menu item in the menu to enter the option Setting dialog box, the titles of buttons, menus, and dialog boxes should all be used in a unified way, for example, "options" or "Settings", instead of "options" and "Settings ", or there are other terms.

(3) In order to fully check all the text, check all the text resources in the program, because some dialogs may be difficult to appear in the black box test.

3. Controls

(1) control alignment:

A. controls with a side-by-side relationship should be left aligned, and controls with the same row should be horizontally aligned.

B. The associated controls should be indented.

(2) control status:

A. The status of the control that cannot be operated should be Disable, so that the interface can also guide the user to use the operation.

B. Dependency controls, such as (several options for choice (CheckBox or RadioBox). Each option has its own settings (other controls: edit, ComboBox, CheckBox, etc.), when the option is not selected, the following control should be Disable, the opposite is Enable. See the figure below as an example.

When the option is selected, the following control is the legend of Enable

When the option is not selected, the following control is a Disable legend.

(3) TabOrder of the control

The TabOrder of the control should be sequential from top to bottom, from left to right. The default TabOrder on the interface should be placed on the first Enable control on the interface.

(4) Right-click menu of the control

All controls that can be input should support right-click menus, so that users can copy, cut, paste, and select all the right-click menus.

(5) Control Operation Method

A. in the Edit input box of a single line text, carriage return is supported. The default carriage return operation is the "OK" button function in this window.

B. In the List controls (List and ListView) that can be operated, double-click operations and keyboard operations should all have corresponding default operations. For example, in the figure below, double-click an item in the list, and the default operation is the Modify button operation. Double-click the blank area in the list. The default operation should be the Add button operation. When the items in the list are selected, press the Delete key. The default operation is the Remove button operation.

(6) determine the input validity of the Edit Control

A. Type determination: in integer and floating point data input boxes, other strings (such as abcd or other characters) that do not represent data are not allowed );

B. Size Determination: If data of the Data Type has a size range limit, you must determine the input size (for example, in the input box Indicating the month, only numbers ranging from 1 to 12 can be entered.

C. Length determination: If the string processed by a program has a length limit, but the input data length is not limited in the input box, it may cause a program error, or the processed result does not match the input.

D. correctness judgment: indicates the input box of the path or full path of the file name. You must determine whether the input path is a valid path, for example, enter aaaa or C: \\// is an incorrect input.

4. Images

The image length should not be too large.

5. Overall UI Color Matching

6. System menu of the window on the taskbar

Each application, such as a window with a zoom icon on the system taskbar, should support the system context menu (restore, maximize, minimize, etc ), you need to test the correctness of the Enable and Disable States of each item in the right-click menu and the correctness of the functions.

Ii. test points in the prompt dialog box:

1. text description correctness

2. correctness of the icon display:

A. program errors, Operation errors, and operation prohibited prompts: MB_ICONHAND, MB_ICONSTOP, MB_ICONERROR




Iii. UI testing principles: Ui correctness, consistency, friendliness, and ease of use.

User Interface testing refers to the software from the perspective of the end user, which is hard to understand and is not easy to use because of Software defects. You can check the user interface from the following aspects:

1. Usability check: Make sure the software is easy to understand and easy to use.

2. consistency check:

A. Check whether the style of the system page is consistent, such as the size, color, and font of the text.

B. Whether the expression of the prompt information is consistent.

C. Check whether the order of buttons is consistent.

D, back, cancel, and so on.

E. Whether the field name, position, length, and type are consistent with the design document requirements. For example, the Employee No and LoginName are inconsistent.

3. correctness check: Check whether the form, button, table, header, footer, prompt information, other text spelling, and sentence syntax on the page are correct.

4. friendliness check:

A. Whether the prompt information is friendly.

B. The system should give a warning and prompt information before performing the wrong operation.

C. Check the page resolution and check the friendliness of the system interface in various resolution browsing systems.

5. Rationality check: After performing operations such as delete, update, add, cancel, and back, check whether the page returned by the information is reasonable.

6. Check whether localization is successful: the English version should not contain Chinese information. The English translation is accurate and professional.

7. Page maximization check: whether the page is processed during the test of maximization/Minimization/restoration.


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