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1. Develop Software Project the most important requirement is to break down the use case scenario. Without a use case, it is not a requirement. the most critical requirement of software engineering software projects is the rational establishment of use case scenarios.

2. Use Cases and usecase. Currently, they are mostly used in Object-Oriented Programming Language (UML ).ProgramBut this is not the source of it. It is seen as a standard URL description for such languages, because the object-oriented itself is in the virtual Program And the real world is centered around the use case. The concept of use cases cannot be regarded as a software concept, but it is the most accurate definition in the software field. Today, from the context of every person's life, death, and marriage, it is actually the description and implementation of use cases one by one. The use case refers to the action taken in case of a certain situation, the possible result, and the action taken based on the result ...... Until you get a desired final conclusion.

3. Use Cases are also called scenarios. Software is actually a description of the scenario operation process, rather than the integration of a bunch of page pages. Without the support of use cases, software is not called, and project is not even called garbage.

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