Key to Success of Web 2.0 websites

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Internal factors: 1. Can websites meet the needs of many users.

Most of the values here are not absolute values. They must be based on the actual situation. For example, the size of people who share and store images is very large. Linkist can meet the needs of people to establish connections, and there are a large number of people in need. But it is hard to estimate the absolute amount. In short, websites must meet some (or several) needs of many users. Services targeting small circles differ from the fundamental requirements of Web 2.0.
II. Ease of use and good user experience of websites.
For a website targeting the masses, it is necessary to consider the ease of use. If your operation process and function implementation are too complicated, it will scare users away. A good user experience is an important prerequisite for your continued use of your services and your willingness to contribute information and resources. Therefore, for website operators and builders, this is a problem that needs to be fully considered. In addition, this will also lead to the emergence of a new career of UI designers.
The user experience mainly involves the following aspects:
Brand connotation image. (For example, google)
Is the operation simple. (Such as del. icio. us)
Whether the function is sufficient. (Such as flickr)
Whether the interface is beautiful. (Such as digg and last. fm)
Speed and stability. (Such as Douban)
3. Quality and quantity of existing resources.
More users are willing to join the website only when there are enough resources. Therefore, the initial content construction of Web 2.0 is critical, it is also an important foundation for defeating opponents, getting rid of military chasers and counterfeits.
4. Is the website attractive.
The operation and Development of a website is stable and growing only when the website is attractive. As a matter of fact, meeting the three factors above will not be a problem.
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