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Value description
0x1 left mouse button
0x2 right-click
0x3 cancel key
0x4 middle mouse buttons
0x8 backspace key
0x9 Tab key
0xc clear key
0xd enter
0x10 shift key
0x11 CTRL
0x12 menu key
0x13 pause key
0x14 Caps Lock key
0x1b ESC key
0x20 spacebar key
0x21 page up key
0x22 page down
0x23 end key
0x24 Home Key
0x25 left arrow key
0x26 up arrow key
0x27 right arrow key
0x28 down arrow key
0x29 select key
0x2a print screen key
0x2b execute key
0x2c snapshot key
0x2d Insert key
0x2e delete key
0x2f help key
0x90 Num Lock key
The a-z key and a-Z letter have the same ASCII code:
Value description
65 a key
66 key B
67 C key
68 d key
69 e key
70 f key
71g key
72 h key
73 I key
74 J key
75 K key
76 l key
77 m key
78 N key
79 o key
80 p key
81 Q key
82 r key
83 s key
84 t key
85 U key
86 V Key
87 W key
88 X key
89 y key
90 z key
The key 0 to 9 is the same as the ASCII code of the number 0-9:
Value description
48 0 keys
49 1 key
50 2 keys
51 3 key
52 4 keys
53 5 keys
54 6 keys
55 7 Keys
56 8 keys
57 9 Key
The following constants represent keys on the numeric keypad:
Value description
0x60 0 Key
0x61 1 key
0x62 2 keys
0x63 3 keys
0x64 4 Key
0x65 5 keys
0x66 6 keys
0x67 7 Keys
0x68 8 keys
0x69 9 Key
0x6a multiplication sign (*) Key
0x6b plus sign (+) Key
0x6c enter key
0x6d minus sign (-) Key
0x6e decimal point (.) Key
0x6f division sign (/) Key
The following constants represent the function keys:
Value description
0x70 F1 key
0x71 F2 key
0x72 F3 key
0x73 F4 key
0x74 F5
0x75 F6 key
0x76 F7 key
0x77 F8
0x78 F9 key
0x79 F10 key
0x7a F11 key
0x7b F12 key
0x7c f13 key
0x7d F14 key
0x7e F15 key
0x7f F16 key

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