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Do you know what a real game is? What is the joy of exceeding rank, equipment, money? In fact, there are many, but you did not pay attention to it! To accompany a friend to sit in the game of the seaside chat chat is not playing games? Isn't it a game to dance next to the campfire?

Figure 1

But playing for a long time will find that people are sometimes busier than reality in the game. They always say, no, time is limited, I have to do the task ... I have to upgrade ... I'm going to hit the money ... Is this the way to play the game? In order to online games in the illusory things, so that they remain busy after work. This may not be a game anymore when the game turns people into machines in front of the computer!

So how to change this state? Let the network game return to the essence of leisure and entertainment?

Key Wizard as the most popular mouse operation simulation software, just solved the problem! It is a free easy to learn and easy-to-use software development tools, support action recording function, can make the user who does not know programming easily to simulate keyboard mouse action software. As long as in front of the computer with both hands can complete the action, the key Wizard can be completed for you, what hanging machine, do tasks, run business, brush and other game functions.

Figure 2

Fly Your hands:

Learn to press after the button, they can not have been on the computer to do some game operation, using their own script to help themselves to play the blame upgrade, set to do the task. Save the time, you can more reasonable arrangements, such as: Take care of the family, or a good night's sleep. The most important thing is to be able to chat with friends in the game, pay attention to the usual hasty passing by and miss the beautiful scenery, enjoy the network game in addition to playing the other side of the upgrade.

Key Wizard, let you use your own way, happy to play the game!

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