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The author has been engaged in the operation and optimization of enterprise website, according to their own experience the author found that the site must carefully consider and analysis of SEO related strategies, because the SEO thinking before the construction of the site can not only be well positioned target customers and for the choice of accurate flow, High conversion rate of low competitive keyword choice is also crucial, today the author of the company to build the station before we all need to consider those SEO strategy issues and share with you.

  first, the choice of keyword and positioning . This is very important, here I would like to remind you that the choice of keywords is not equal to now determine the words we want to optimize, this is our choice of keywords, first of all, pay attention to keyword conversion rate, because the enterprise site is to profit as the ultimate goal, high conversion rate of words so that we focus on the words, second, Keyword search quantity, the amount of search means the degree of competition, the higher the amount of competition is relatively fierce, the author suggested that this piece according to the investment and economic strength of enterprises to consider, there are resources to choose the conditions of the relatively fierce competition of words is understandable. Second, the long tail keyword grasp. Long tail Word We generally use the article page to optimize, the long tail word layout in the title and inside page, improve the site of the whole station weight, long tail Word will also bring good flow and conversion rate.

  second, the layout of the keywords in the website . After choosing a good keyword, first of all, we should be the main key words and auxiliary keywords Organic layout in our site navigation, because in addition to the home page, navigation bar is our focus and optimization of the place its weight is self-evident, and secondly, the key word layout in our secondary navigation, Already in the crumbs of the navigation, composed of a loop, to the spider with a good access channel and access path, in the station article in particular the first paragraph and paragraph at the beginning of the clever setting of the keyword, attention to keywords in the site's density control is best not more than 8%, suggest 2%-8% between, to do nature, do not deliberately to stack , affect the user's reading effect, because the user experience and caused the site down right, so that the loss, in the process of building the article, in the keyword tag and description of the appropriate keywords in the keyword is also a good way, although the keyword label now has little weight, but we still have to be serious.

  Third, the Friendship link construction process in the integration of key words thought . As we all know, anchor text is one of the important means to improve the weight and keyword ranking of websites. Friendship Link is our site when the construction of an important link, so as far as possible to the site's main keywords and auxiliary keywords for the anchor text and other Exchange, some novice friends to the company's website name and others exchange, I think it is very inappropriate , secondly, the Friendship Connection exchange process attention as far as possible with their own website peers or similar sites for mutual exchange, increase the relevance of the connection, they can also be on their own website to add a secondary navigation links, such a connection can also improve the exposure of keywords, while achieving the weight of keywords in the station in the mutual transmission, Increase the exposure of site keywords.

  Finally , the layout of the key links in the station . Site connection I suggest that the relevant articles or related columns, based on the content of the site will be related to the article to connect each other, one can increase the spider's crawl opportunities and stay in the site time, the second is to enhance the relevance of the site also has a very good optimization effect, Can be very good to increase the user's browsing volume to enhance the PV site, enhance the user's viscosity and user experience, at the end of each article as far as possible to add relevant articles of the connection, increase the article and the relevance of the article, we do this is to enhance the site of the station to connect the channel, Increase the exposure of the connection and user experience, increase the number of page clicks, enhance the weight of the page to improve the overall weight of the site, these basic details are we in the layout of the keyword when we should pay attention to the basic problem, How to be a good key word in the form of the natural embodiment of each of our seoer is worth thinking about the use of in-depth questions.

To sum up, the author will be in the operation of the enterprise site early keyword choice, friendship links in the keyword strategy, site keywords layout and analysis of the problem and we detailed analysis, the author suggested that we in the process of optimizing the site itself to optimize this foundation, and secondly, Pay attention to the key words in the station layout strategy and density range, the construction of the connection in the station detailed analysis. I remind you to do keyword selection and layout as well as the optimization of the station is our website optimization of the start, the weight of the site also depends on our station outside the connection construction and perseverance adjustment. Well, today and you share to this side, SEO more strategies Welcome to join the SEO real Exchange QQ Group: 54641201 discussion, this article by the Intranet security management software original starting ADMIN5 welcome everyone to reprint, please keep the site source, thank you for your cooperation.

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