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Keymob Mobile Advertising aggregation platform has been committed to better serve the developers. Since its inception, has promised to developers: permanent free, attentive service! We have been constantly striving for this goal, "advertising aggregation" is one of the services we provide to developers, intelligent management, application cross-promotion and other functions are keymob for developers to continuously improve the product.

In order to provide a better service to the developers, Keymob Advantage: One, the use of keymob can smoothly through the application of market audits. Second, Keymob advertising aggregation Platform SDK Open source. The third, Keymob as a mobile app ads management tools, do not worry about being blocked number. Believe these advantages will provide developers with greater convenience, so that developers can better manage their own application of "upload the market" and "embedded ads."

Keymob Mobile ad aggregation platform through continuous efforts, has been supporting a number of mainstream advertising platform at home and abroad, although can not be said to fully balance, many developers for a variety of reasons, want to embed more advertising platform, even we have not yet aggregated advertising platform, Keymob Mobile ad Aggregation Platform SDK code open source, you can realize the developer's wish.

The Keymob mobile ad aggregation platform is open source through the SDK code of AD aggregation, which allows the SDK of the ad aggregation to be more easily combined with the developer's application, so that developers can use aggregations more freely. I believe that all the developers concerned about our work together, Keymob mobile advertising aggregation platform will have a better future.

keymob/Mobile AD Aggregation/Developer Services/app Promotion

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