Keypass password management software usage instructions

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KeypassIt is a software that helps you manage passwords. It was a coincidence that this software was used to manage passwords, which is safe and convenient. Compared with many friends who wrote the passwords in Word documents or USB flash drives, the security factor is greatly enhanced.


The following illustration demonstrates how:

  1. First install keypass, because the software is shared abroad, that is, paid software. If you have a special purpose, please purchase a paid version. Here I will try the English version for testing. The following figure shows the icons after installation:

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2. After the installation is complete, you will be prompted to set the keypass management password. This password is very important and is used to manage all your passwords. Do not forget or leak this password. Enter the administrator password for each login.

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3. the main interface after login, such as the database with four options: application, bookmarks, credit card, pin code

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4. Example: we use the login 163 email address as an example.

Right-click bookmarks and choose new entry from the shortcut menu)

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5. Name it "163" and enter "163" website address "in" webaddress "on the right;

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6. Under the fields list on the right side, double-click username to bring up the edit box. Enter "value" as the username used to log on to the mailbox.

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7. In the same step, double-click password and enter the password for logging on to the mailbox.SelectThe following hidepassword value hides the password value and is displayed.

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8. After completing the above steps, visit the 163 mailbox next time and double-click the shortcut below the bookmarks to automatically open the browser and open the 163 mailbox webpage.

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9. select the Account Box, press Ctrl + and right-click. In the displayed dialog box, select username from the previously created 163 bookmarks. The account is automatically entered, and then select the Password box. In the same step, select password, the password is replaced by *, and the input is also replaced by *. Log On directly.

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10. log on to another website and follow the same steps to create the website. You can also create an application and enter the file path of the application in web address. If you are interested, you can try it. The opposite is true.

For example, qq650) This. width = 650; "src =" "Title =" 11.jpg" alt = "wkiol1rr6_dyx81faacmxvaqheu030.jpg"/>

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Keypass password management software usage instructions

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